Monday, November 29, 2010

Alvinisms: Angelo & Vanessa's Wedding :)

I've been so busy lately, or maybe I've just been lazy, but here's another guest blog from Alvin aka Alvinims from Angelo & Vanessa's wedding last weekend.  It was a wonderful weekend spent with my longest and closest friends, the Wildboyz.  These are the people I know that I'm going to be friends with for the rest of my life no matter what happens... We're family!

This quote basically sums it up: "The most beautiful discovery true friends make, is that they can grow separately without growing apart."

Alright, enough with the emo stuff... Here's the Alvinisms' recap of the wedding (apologizes for the spacing in this entry):

Rainy day wedding bells.

And purple socks.

No homo?

Vince, Cile, JR, and TJ during the service.

So chill this kid.

4 life!

I do time.

BTW, it was Junior's birthday that day so it was extra special. I wish I got the group picture w/ all the Wildboyz and Wildgirlz in it.

The wedding was at Scripps, the reception was in Temecula. So we had time to eat.....In N Out! Now that's west coast for you.

Even though about 20 suit and ties showed up it was already crackin!

Reservation for Mr. Benavidez?


Hungry hippos go here.

Wine stopper giveaways.

Candy giveaways!?! Sweeet! Like literally!

Open bar means it's time to mob.

All grown up.

2 of MCHS's best bboys.

The original 2 Egypt flying partners.

Kimtan and the man of the night.

Wildboyz married men.

Fishing buddies. Yes I wore Charger colors.

Enter the newlyweds.

I heart buffets.

I've known Nessa for over 13 years. I'm so happy for you both!

Krissy and KJ the other married couple.

Heather and I after some beers and Capt. Morgan.

Pick your poison.


Dance time.

Oh wait, garter toss time.

I won't say who caught it and got a joke pulled on him.

But it was hella funny when the DJ switched spots w/ the girl who caught the bouquet.


Put your hands up in the air. Waaay up in the air.

Someone spilled something on Ellen, but that don't stop anyone from dancing.

Auntie and Uncle up in this pic!

The Arnaldos and Jenny.

Smiles and funny faces.

Rosie and I.

The Neglerio family and a new member? Next up!


This picture is funny because just because the lights go on that doesn't mean you gotta stop.

Its like one of our old high school dance photos.

I just noticed that Mr. Mira Mesa and I wore the same colors.

The rest was a blur. Congratulations Vanessa and Angelo. We all love you both!

We ride together, we die together, WILDBOYZ 4 LIFE!


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