Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Gamalinda's are Classified™

[Saturday, June 12th] I can't believe its already been a year since we all celebrated the Gama Twins aka Double Trouble aka Christine & Allysssa's birthday at the Grand Opening of Sway inside the Keating Hotel. That was actually the first time I meet them both, but I swear it seem like I've known them forever. As Christine would say, "It's the Gemini in us!" HAHA It was a fun night filled with bottles of #morebelve and champagne. Plus, Chris Cruz (Stay Fresh) and DJ Zeb (Crowd Control) guest hosted the event so you know it was crackin'!

CLICK HERE to view more pictures from the Gama Birthday.

You guys didn't get the denim jacket memo?!
The Gamalinda Sisters: Ally x Christine x Jen
One of my old friends from High School, Jennifer Lewis brought her sister out to Confidential for her bachelorette party. They were gettin' it in!!! HAHA So good to see old friends!
Congrats Jacquelynn!
Love this picture, but it looks like I don't belong! HAHAHHAHA!
We going in... Round 1!
Happy birthday Ally & Christine!
Ally x Christine x April x Kim
Round 2 of #morebelve!
Not sure what's going on in this picture but looks like Kim is already drunk! HAHA
TK x Christine
Angela (Hellz) x Mark Marcelo (Victory)
Fraternal Twins: Ally x Christine
Identical Twins: TK x Chris Cruz
That explains that last pose Kim... HAHA!
We got everyone doing the "Signature Move"!
Get it!
"Now I, I go for mine, I got to shine, now throw your hands up in the sky!"
Tresha aka B x Alison Cruz
We all love Julz (Mindz Alike)!
Chris Cruz x Gamalinda Sisters x TK x Patron
Shout out to the Assistant aka Hannah x Jen Gama!
I had more pictures but they got delete from my camera... FML! You're lucky Christine because I had some pretty good ones of you passed out in the VIP! HAHA Fun times!!! What are we gonna do next year? :)