Sunday, September 26, 2010

30's the new 20... Happy Birthday V-Rod!

[Friday, September 3rd] I headed down to San Diego for Labor Day weekend to celebrate Vince Rodriguez's (UFX Alumni) 30th birthday. Damn, I can't believe we're getting that old, but you know what they say, "30's the new 20".

I love Kit-Kats! I was hopingVince's birthday cake was one big Kit-Kat but I was disappointed to learn it was just a regular chocolate cake... SMH!
It was nice to catch up with Christank, who use to couch surf at my house for the first few months she moved down to SD.
Happy birthday V-Rod!
Vince has been and always will be a ladies man... HAHA!  Veronica x Andrea x Vince x Raelyn x Christine
Since the Ivy Hotel wasn't crackin', I brought everyone over to Thin/Onyx for some R&R: Rhythm & Recreation.

This is how I know I'm getting old because my best friend Ollie's little sister, who I've known since she was 10 years old is coming to my events. SMH... HAHA!
To top it off, the Wildboyz also came through to celebrate with a few drinks and some fist pumping!
143 to Charmaine who taught me my first 8 count when I was 15 years old... Oh yeah, that's just Alfredo! HAHA
We went through 5 bottles that night, 1 champagne shower, & 1 ice buck dousing... Happy birthday!

After the party is the after party... But what's an after party without "Just Dance" on the Wii!
I'm still shocked that the white guy aka Mike beat the black guy aka Dee in a dancing game... SMH!

It was another memorable night with UrbanFX and the Wildboyz... Love you guys!!!