Monday, October 4, 2010

SF Day 2: The Cellar in Union Square

So... Originally I wasn't suppose to drink much at Sabor on Thursday because I had an early meeting with MYX TV in the city Friday, but obviously that didn't happen since we got 4 bottles of Hennessy.  I'm just glad I woke up in time and without a hungover. :)

What a beautiful day in San Francisco!
I've had my 4Runner since I was 16 years old and yes, it does say "7OE-KNEE", long story but someone had already had "TOE-KNEE".  I was 16... Don't judge me! HAHA
Started off my morning with a cup of coffee and 2 Oreos. :)
Lunch meeting at Burma Superstar with Keeesa from MYX TV and her staff.  All the food there was amazing, plus the service was second to none.  I'm excited about our upcoming event for the Asian Film Festival on Friday, October 22nd for the "Colin Hearts Kay"Asian Film Festival premier.
I spent most of the day working from my brother's apartment.  Then it was off to the Cellar in Union Square for Round 2... We mobbin' deep!
World Famous DJ Virus of Battle Star in the mix!
Cellar was probably the most fun night because both DJ Virus and Mark Marcelo had the crowd going APE SHIT, I mean I don't even use that term, but its probably the best way to describe it.  Good shit fellas... You killed it! Aye!!! Aye!!!
We ended the night at a nearby dinner, which was interrupted by Girard's not so pleasant surprise... HAHA! Happy birthday Hannah! :)
To be continued...