Saturday, November 27, 2010

Guest Blogger: AGGIE - Back in SF: Day 1

I'd like to introduce everyone to one of my favorite Bay Area folks, the one and only, Aggie aka Agnes Loyola.  She might be under 5 feet tall, but she one talented dancer and just an all around awesome person. I love her!

CLICK HERE to check out her Tumblr site.
CLICK HERE to view more photos from WOD SF weekend.

Anyways, she's here to do a guest blog from my back to back weekends in SF.  Fun times!!! :)  Take it away...
Friday November 12, 2010

AGGIE: Back to SF Toe-Knee goes for the weekend!  I swear he was just here the week before for a day to... go shopping. 0_0. What he does best right? The ridiculous amount of money he spent at one store... I'll let him tell you that. haha

xP The Louis bag above is a lot smaller than it looks in the picture. I sat next to it in the car and I was actually a little surprised I was almost as small as it was. JK. It was smaller than I thought though.

Flew First Class on Delta, winin' & dinin'.  He said it wasn't that great considering it was only an hour flight.  I've flown FC on Delta Airlines before and it was probably the most comfortable plane ride I've ever had - but mine was about a 3hr trip.. sooo... I win! :D

TK - 0 Aggie - 1

TK vs. Aggie.  He always makes fun of me for being so miniature sized. I take it because I know he's just kidding. Did you know both my pinkies add up to his one index finger? I'd take a picture to show you but Toe-Knee's back in LA. :/ This one I lose.

TK - 1 Aggie - 1

Drew - tk's younger brother (left) and Jino - owner of Hellz Bellz (right)

AHHH Korean BBQ.  After picking up TK from the airport we met up at Drew's house and we took off to Japan Town for some bomb ass kbbq.  I kept being asked where we should go eat and trust me, I'm not the one to ask since I don't go out to the city much.  So since I've never been, I suggested this!  Good choice Aggie, good choice *pat on back

TK - 1 Aggie - 2

^ Also our first shot of soju for the night. We shared 2 bottles. I haven't had it in awhile and already the first shot was creeping up on me! I learned that you aren't supposed to pour your own soju either. So we each took turns pouring it into each other's glasses. :)

Damn honestly, I forgot everything we ate. But! Jino said (yes, he is Korean) the traditional way to eat KBBQ was to have it with the lettuce like a lettuce wrap. Oh man was it delicious!! He did order everything for us (haha) and TK kept saying, 'kamsahamnida' which means 'thank you' in Korean. :)

^ Lettuce wrap, rice, meat (was it pork? beef?) and bean paste. The most tasty! Wuuuu I wanna go back for more.

Top view: Check out all the mouth watering food on the table! You can't see it but the soju bottle featured Tae Yang... Aww who am I kidding. LOL. It really featured a really famous Korean star named Lee Hiyori who actually has done live performances with Tae Yang and Big Bang themselves. Cool huh? Honestly, she's pretty hot.

But okay aside from that, our food was pretty bomb. Thank you Jino for dinner!!  And for getting my buzz started that night HAHA

TK - 1
Aggie - 2
Jino - 1/2 lol

We visited a few club spots right after. First one was Sutra, where TK's friend Trung Tran kindly let us in without proper club attire haha. Trung (far left) is actually the owner of Sutra and also gave us a couple of shots of death aka liquid cocaine. And when I say couple I do mean 2. It didn't taste that bad but dammnnn did that leave me set for rest of the night or what?! I had no idea how strong that stuff was. Donezo..

TK - 2
Aggie - 2
Jino - 1/2

I forgot what club we went to next, but shout out to Caramel Regalado Please (Lauren Regalado!!) for having her birthday there because that's how I remembered the place haha. I also don't recall the place being this crowded.. but I think it usually is.

Emerson x Project Em x Funks SF (right) & ...guy x Poreotics? -_________- Help me out Tony bc I don't know any of their names.. sorry!!

I'm just gonna assume these are more members from Poreotics.. with the other guy from the previous picture clearly giving a cack in the face. -_______-

And more members of Poreotics?  At least a face I recognize! Danny Batamana who is their manager(am I right?) and part owner of TM? Gah I dunno.. shout out to you guys anyway! Okay.. point goes to TK for knowing all these people..

TK - 3
Aggie - 2
Jino - 1/2 ..still. <-- haha

Myron (Myronmarten21XL -- that's what I immediately think of now when he comes to mind) bought shots for TK and I dunno who else. They don't look tasty, and I'm really glad I didn't drink anymore otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have thrown up. Cheers to TK for having so much tolerance in his body. And no, you don't get a point for that.. =P

Apparently the club was poppin'.. DJ view haayy.. Toe-Knee actually got to announce something about World Of Dance that was in Vallejo that weekend. That's pretty cool actually.

After the clubs where it was the most challenging thing to keep my composure, we got some delicious crepes!! Man, I'm actually craving for one right now. I felt like we waited the longest for it, but it was completely worth it in the end. This makes me wanna plan to go get some this week. Who's down?!

Last picture for the night. Finally got our yummy crepes! Next time TK, we'll go to Belly Good Crepes in JTown, or go to Genki's on Clement. You won't regret going to either of them! Can't wait for you to come back and visit so we can kick it again! Hopefully I'll have a car to take us around next time haha. 

TK - 3
Aggie - 2
Jino - 1 1/2 -- I gave him an extra point for being good company haha
Winner: Drew Nguyen for getting us these crepes! Hahaha he wins not only because of that, and not because he did drive us, but because he gave in to trading back a black parka that TK gave him for another one TK didn't want LOL. Brotherly love. Can't forget I have to thank him for getting me home in one peaceANDpiece. :)
Good times! Thanks Toe-Knee for letting me be a guest blogger on your page. Until next time! More adventures from this weekend to come from yours truly TK Nguyen :)


Thanks Aggie for blogging! :) I thought I'd add a few more pictures of you from that night...

You're a baby!
Drew aka Brother x Drunken Aggie aka Aggie
To be continued...


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