Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Killuh B!

[Tuesday, November 23rd] After spending the entire day at the Creative Contraband offices with Killuh B, who was feeling unloved because she had thought everyone forgot about her birthday.  Her mood quickly changed from emo sad girl, to surprised happy birthday girl!

Props to Mink for planning the birthday surprise at an All-You-Can-Eat Korean spot in K-Town.

Angela x Nicole aka V-Town

K-Town's own... Mink!

Happy 22nd Birthday B!

In the words of the birthday girl...

Hellz x GPPR aka Miss Lawn x Bamski

Love these ladies!

Afterwards Mink and I headed over to our favorite LA Clipper's girls aka Katrina Jo's crib for a intimate gathering after her jewelry trunk show.  We ended up playing, "Battle of the Sexes," which quickly got heated... Thanks Katrina for hospitality! I love you're new place.

It was another night in LA with amazing food, great people, and fun times!


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Rik no Orkut said...

Bela festa!