Monday, July 12, 2010

Adobo Cook Off x Carnival x Marbella

[Tuesday, June 29th] I know I posted JD's recap of our "What the Hellz: Adobo Cook Off" between Miss Lawn (Hellz) and Mark Marcelo (Victory). I know I'm behind on my blog but I thought I'd take it back a few weeks and post a few of my photos from my Canon S90 and my iPhone 4.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from our Adobo cook off & festivities.

I took the Amtrak from San Diego back to Los Angeles. Although its $27 for a one way tickets, its actually rather relaxing, especially with the beautiful coastal scenery. Thanks Mark Marcelo for picking me up!
Time to get the party started...
Miss Lawn showcasing her secret ingredient... Heinz Vinegar!
Ben Wang (722 Figueroa) x Jenilee Reyes
Check out Nicole (Hellz) getting down with the creative camera angles for our U-Stream viewers.
Even Josie made the trip up from San Diego to participate in the festivities, plus the girls were heading to the midnight showing of Eclipse too.
Mark Marcelo also made a vegetarian Chicken Adobo... Vegetarian Chicken Adobo? WTF!?
Street Fighter II on the iPad.
Time for the judging...
Miss Lawn and Mark Marcelo anxiously waiting for the judges feedback.
Judges: Jino (Hellz) x Bam (GPPR) x Nicole + TK x Neran
Congrats to Miss Lawn for winning the Adobo Cook Off! Both did an amazing job, we were all winners that night. Thanks for cooking guys!

Time to throw some oysters on the grill with Ryan (GPPR).
It was then off to Carnival with JD and Jenny Kita to support our dancer friends. Thanks Dave Gonzales (WOD) and Vince (21XL) for taking care of us.

It was a packed house considering Carnival was on a Tuesday, instead of their regular Wednesday.
Amazing job Jed (TM)!
Shout out to the ladies of World Famous and thanks to the Jabbawockeez and Super Cr3w for hosting us up in their VIP balcony.
We kept it moving and made our way over to Marbella for Ryan from Quest Crew's (ABDC) birthday. They had Lydia Peak (Boxcuttahz) serenading us with a special birthday song, plus the homies from Far East Movement performed a few of their hits. So much talent!
Miguel x Myron Marten (WOD) x TK
JD was breakin' it down on the dance floor!
Jimmy Boi (Houston) x Francis both lost their damn minds...
The party continued at Sanam Luang for some late night dinner... SMH!
It was a good night spent with good people! Thanks!