Monday, July 12, 2010

Who brings duct tape to a club!? I do!

[Thursday, June 25th] I'm takin' it back... I started off my day in Los Angeles with a lunch meeting with BFFs aka Bam (Hellz) and Moe Zarabi (Victory) at Park of Sunset. These two remind me of Mark Marcelo and I, DJ turned designer and promoter turned terrorist, but they're BFFs. HAHA

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Thursday (all which were taken with my iPhone 4)

Don't worry, this picture isn't as intense as it looks. That's just the way Moe looks all the time... HAHA!
After lunch, I carpooled down to San Diego with the Zarabi. It was the perfect opportunity for us to catch up and talk about future opportunities. I'm ready!!!

I meet up with UFX OGs: Charm, Jim, Vince, and Alfredo, plus Lee in Downtown that night before heading to Bar Ninety for Christine Kim aka Christanks Farewell Party.

We got our pre-party on at Jill's Downtown apartment while Vince played some tunes on the guitar.
We all made a few pitstops at the Tipsy Crow and On Broadway before heading to the party.
Bar Ninety was crackin' with many familiar faces, many of which I haven't seen in forever. I blame Charmaine for getting me drunk with all these Crown Royale drinks and shots.

Bon voyage Christine! I can't believe it was 5 years ago when you first came down to San Diego and basically lived on my couch for the first few months. A lot has changed since but I'm excited for you to start a new chapter in your life.
Alfredo (UFX OG) x Veronica x TK x Angela (Culture Shock)
Wait a minute...
That's more like it!
Don't ask me what I was doing with duct tape at the club but apparently I got a bit intoxicated and started to duct tape everyone! HAHA

Tiff x April x TK x Judy
Hi Raelynn!
What's going on!?
Aww... I miss Suzette!
I miss these trouble makers too aka Raelynn x Althea x Charmaine
Blame it on the...
Time to head to Hong Kong in Hillcrest for late night eats!
Its always fun times with the UrbanFX family. See you in LA Christine! :)


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