Monday, October 25, 2010

Getatnance: SKAM Halloween at the Vice Cave

[Thursday, November 21st] Last Thursday Angela ( and Dj Vice invited us to their home for an early Halloween celebration. I brought the good homie TK ( with me. Everybody had to come out w/ a classic hiphop attire. The hunt for the best outfit continues...

The ladies.
6 dj's skratchin it up behind the booth: Sketchomatic x Vice x Skratchy x Cheapshot x Fashen x Gusto
Takin it back to the oldskool!
The one w/ the best outfit wins $100!  My girl @jenny_kita hooked me up w/ the 80's outfit. And of course TK ended up winning the contest, wearing this crazy pink MC Hammer pants and an African Bambaataa hat! Good times. So yes... After the party and...

So yes... After the party and a lot of Patron shots we all went to the Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios. That was soooo much fun! Pictures from universal are comin soon. Big shout 2 Angela, Jenn, and Vice for setting this up. I had the time of my life!

Welcome to the "Vice Cave"
Tk is the winner! Congratulations!
Lets get the party started! Jenn x Me x Angela
Oh yes! Me and Jenn breakin down the dancefloor!
Big booty lovin! Vice x Angela
Catered by California Chicken Cafe. Delish!
Tk grubbin some of that good food
Imma monster when it comes 2 eatin!
DJ Sketchomatic
Jenn loves big booties. who doesnt!
Shots Shots Shots
Happy Bday Andrew!
Sneakerz lovin
Vice-E x Dj gusto
For more pictures of the night click here

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