Wednesday, October 27, 2010

JD McElroy: Halloween Horror Nights

[Thursday, October 20th] Went out to the Halloween Horror night at universal Studios City walk and The Whole Crew dressed up in 80's or 90's Hip Hop costumes. I know don't know why everybody was staring at us.. ohh probably because we were the only ones dressed up We even did the soul train line while waiting for a ride. I left the park light headed from screaming soo much hahahaha

Were Ready To Rock


 TK x Dj Vice x jD
 Kita x Nancy
 Why Sooo Serious?
 Kriss Kross
 Group Pic:
 What up Bart?
 TK and his Churros
 SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! HAHA Why is everybody starring???
 Angie x jD x Dj Vice x Nancy x TK and Apallo 13
 I hope im tall enough to ride the ride
I love my Mummy

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