Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Friday afternoon while Annabelle and Michelle were both out running errands, Terry, Tristan, and I decorated the house to surprise Annabelle for her birthday. We used tons of streamers, some balloons, and even made our own posters! HAHA It was the start to an eventful day: Preparty, Party, & After Party!

CLICK HERE to see the rest of the pictures from the Preparty & After Party.

Terry working on a few posters...
The party was sponsored by Jack Daniel's, Skyy Vodka, and Victory Nightlife.  HAHA
Check out Tristan's masterpiece.  Can you guys which one is Terry?  HAHA
Sprigle x Annabelle
Annabelle x TK
Annabelle x Josie x Jomo
While I headed over to Onyx & Thin to set up, the rest of the crew celebrated at Bumsville.
Michelle and Terry made some ice cream cupcakes... Yummy!
Vince x Chris (WBZ)
TK (Female) x Mark
Check out Nick's artwork on his personal website:
I live in a NUT HOUSE!
I missed my 6AM flight to Seattle...