Monday, April 26, 2010

Aloha Bon Voyage Party!

[Tuesday, April 13th] Chris Trondsen (Pacific Rim) organized a potluck at my spot in LA for Hype 5-0 (ABDC) since they were heading back to Hawaii in a few days. Over the past few weeks, the Pacific Rim family has all grown close to all the crews on America's Best Dance Crew. Its was great to see everyone outside of the show, get together to eat, play some games, share some laughs (actually a lot of laughs), and just have a good time!

CLICK HERE to view more photos from our Bon Voyage Hype 5-0 party.

The day started off with Chachy, Mark Marcelo, and I playing Jenga for dishes... HAHA!
Don't do it...
Uh oh...
Guess who had to do the dishes? CHACH!
I love my roommates aka the MARKS!
So we invited our guest of honor, Hype 5-0, along with the Pacific Rim crew, Heavy Impact, and others...
To ABDC Season 5!
Lydia Paek (Boxcuttahz) x Jayrr (21XL) x Will x Duey
Pacific Rim's very own Angelica Alumia! Thank to Peter for making some delicious spaghetti!
Everyone looks so occupied... HAHA!
Glenda (Fanny Pak) x Brittnie x Duey x Jayrr
KC x Josh x Will getting ready for an intense game of Catch Phrase for Consequences... Muahahaha!
Yes we really had name tags for everyone because like this photo I can't remember everyone's name... HAHA!
"Bulldozer!?"... #FAIL!
For those of you that have never been to my place, I live on the steepest hill in LA. Its about a 72 degree angle... No joke! Anyways, one of the consequences for that night was the losing team would have to sprint up the hill. Lets see what happens...
Damn everyone looks hella confused! HAHA I wish I had a photo of Jose aka the best Catch Phrase/Charades player in life... NOT! He was hilarious! I have the funniest video ever of him acting out "Johnny Tsunami". I've never laughed so hard for 3:28 minutes.
The birthday boy, Arnel Calvario (Kaba) called us while we were playing so we paused the game to serenade him with a birthday song! Happy birthday Arnel!
Don't be jealous Demi! HAHA If you didn't know my cousin, Demi idolizes Lydia, so we surprised her with a short video chat session. Her reaction when she realized it was Lydia was priceless! :)
Alright, so somehow my team lost at Catch Phrase after winning the first 3 rounds. So we had to spring up my hill... SMH! Ready... Set... Go!
We can do it!
These girls straight up drove up the hill in a car... HAHA
Back to the party!
My newest neighbor aka Melissa Reign stopped by to join in on the festivities too!
Melissa x Lydia
Heavy Impact and friends!
Time for a game of charades! Why does Jayrr look so dramatic in this photo?
I didn't take any photos of our charades game because it was just too intense, plus the consequence is not family friendly... HAHA! Hopefully I'll upload the video soon! HILARIOUS!
Twitpic: "This is what 36 people look like playing Catch Phrase: Pacific Rim x Hype 5-0 x Heavy Impact x Glenda x Lydia x Roomies" (via @tk_nguyen)
Thanks to everyone who came over! Definitely fun times with great folks... I'll see you in Hawaii Hype 5-0! 143!