Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Lemon in shade with my feet up!" - Gucci

[Thursday, April 22nd] DJ Drewbryd introduced a new bi-weekly Thursday event, "Lemonade" at Far Bar in Little Tokyo this past week. Its actually an outdoor venue with a bar located inside a sushi restaurant tucked away down a tight alleyway. Its a perfect spot, especially with Summer in full effect.

Welcome to Lemonade!
I didn't get there until after 12:30AM but the spot was crackin'! I forgot to take a picture of Dom Kennedy but we were choppin' it up and we're working on bringing him out to SD this Summer so be on the look out... If you didn't know Drewbryd is Dom's tour DJ.
Ryan (Hellz) x Mark Marcelo (Victory) x Jenn (722 Figueroa) x Bin (TAA)... Thanks Mink for ruining the picture!
Shout out to DJ Drewbryd for holdin' it down! Mark Marcelo will also be a resident DJ for the event so you know thats a deadly combination... They killed it!
Raf (Denim Doctor) x Sammie
Cody aka the Disco Vietnam x Alex
Joanna (Revolve) x TK... Get out of here Mink!
Janessa (Love Made) and all her lady friends... ;)
Drewbryd x Mark Marcelo were playin' hit after hit and had the entire spot jumpin' off!
PARTY! Mark Marcelo closed off the night with Gucci Mane's "Lemonade"!
Congrats to Drewbryd for a successful opening event for "Lemonade"! We hope to see you guys all after Art Walk in DTLA on Thursday, May 12th.