Monday, April 26, 2010


[Wednesday, April 14th] The day started off with lunch at the Park Restaurant in Echo Park. I highly recommend it. I tried the Avacado & Gruyere with olive relish, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and added chicken plus a side of tomato soup. Perfect!
Sammie (Sosupersam) and Ben Wang (722 Figueroa) meet up with the roomies and I.
Afterwards, Sammie, Mark Marcelo, and I headed over to Intelligentsia in Silverlake for a cup of coffee. It was my second time there, but every time I pass by I see crowds of people outside working, mingling, or just basking in the wonderful Southern Cali weather. Not to mention, their coffee is pretty delicious too.
Best part is I love all the paints they have of llamas... So random but I actually love this one! I named this one Calvin the Llama.
Is this a mirror image? HAHA
While Mark and Sammie were busy working on their computers, I just lounged out in front enjoying my view of Sunset Blvd and soaked in the radiant sunlight while reading, "Do you matter? How great design will make people love your company." Everyone should read this book... Its amazing!
Ice Mocha.
I love the atmosphere at Intelligensia, plus there were a few hot hipster chicks there!
Later that night I had dinner with one of my closest friends Cheryl Carandang (Wildgirlz) in Little Tokyo. It's funny that we both moved from SD to LA but this is the first time we've finally meet up for dinner. Its been long overdue!
Always good to share a few laughs with old friends... By the way Cookies & Cream at Yogurtland is the business!
Wildboyz 4 Life! P.S. Happy birthday to Ollie Neglerio & Ronald Vallar!