Monday, June 7, 2010

Bardot x Drai's x Marbella = Club Hoppin'! HAHA

[Friday, May 28th] A few Fridays ago, we decided to hit up a few different Hollywood hotspots: Bardot x Drai's x Marella. It was would turn into an interesting night, which ended with us all finding our own ways home. Note to self: Don't let Tristan leave the club early to go sleep in the car with your keys because he'll never find your car and wonder aimlessly down the streets of Hollywood and magically appear at your house at 4AM.... No joke!

CLICK HERE to view more photos from our Friday club hoppin' adventures.
CLICK HERE to view JD's blog recap from Friday.

[1st Stop: Bardot] Check out Nancy & JD lookin' all fancy! Love it!
Yes!!! We made it to Bardot with just 10 minutes left before their open bar closed!
Thanks again to Matt Walsh for always taking care of us!
Shout out to resident DJ "thee" Mike B... Check his shirt: "Bone Thugs n Typography! HAHA
[2nd Stop: Drai's] Our next stop was to Drai's on the rooftop of the new W Hotel. It was actually my first time their.
It definitely reminded me of Vegas but in Hollywood.
Look who we ran into... Doug Wu (Playmore Group)!
Patron shots with my Taiwanese brother!
Talk about awesome jobs, Boogie's job title at Drai's is "Vibe Coordinator". WTF!? Basically its his job to make sure everyone is having a good time! I want that job!!!
It wasn't as crackin' as I thought it would be for a Friday night, but then again it was Memorial Day weekend and everyone was in Vegas...But there were still some bad bitches in the club... HAHA!Hannah aka the Assistant was so jealous that night because we meet up with her future husband, Columbus Short. That was your 3rd chance to meet him, Hannah, and you know 3rd is suppose to be the lucky charm! HAHA
Columbus x Cliff x JD x Tristan x Nancy x TK x Lito
[3rd Stop: Marbella] We went to Marbella to visit the 21XL & Usual Suspects fam! Too bad Tristan doesn't remember anything from this point on... SMH!
Linh (Crooks)
I walked into Marbella to find Francis up to his usual champagne hooligan shenanigans in VIP. He was sippin' Veuve Yellow Label straight from the ice bucket! HAHA Ben Baller created a monster!
Francis x Nancy
Happy birthday Monique May! :)
Once the lights turned on we walked back to my car, where Tristan was suppose to be sleeping, to find the car completely empty. We had no idea where he was and on top of that my phone died. So we searched aimlessly for him for a good 30 minutes but he was no where to be found. So we took a cab back to JD's car and he ended up dropping me off. Once I got home I plugged in my phone and texted Tristan my address. Somehow at 4AM in the morning he appears at my doorstep... HAHA! I'm just glad everyone got home safely!



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