Thursday, June 10, 2010

Destiny: the XX @ HOB

[Tuesday, June 8th] Thanks to House of Blues San Diego for getting me tickets to the sold out XX show. I have to admit that I've never even heard of the XX until Sunday because all the LA homies were talking about how amazing their sold out show at the Wiltern Theatre was. So I thought why not see them for myself since we were both in SD.

CLICK HERE to view photos from the XX concert.

I got 4 tickets courtesy of John (Live Nation) and invited Rose aka Best Friend 4 Life & Ron aka Mr. Mention, but I had one more ticket left... I wasn't sure who else to invite but then I saw Destiny's tweet about wanting to go to the show so I hit her up... Here's her blog recap of the night:

Tuesday the XX played at House of Blues. It was actually the last day of their tour here in the US. I wanted to go to the LA show that was on Sunday @ the Wiltern theatre..but tickets were sold out..then I saw they were playing here in San Diego at HOB and I was determined to get tickets………. SOLD OUT :/

Just as I was losing hope, Toe-Knee (TK) came to the rescue! As ALWAYS lol. He had an extra ticket... just lying around :] w my name written allllll overrr it! :] Thanks again TK, you again, are the HERO ;]

It was SUPER packed inside! (I SPY Edwin….can u find him?)

But TK found me an open spot up front…and I squeezed my little body in there and was in front :]

I spy Edwin and Robbie..haha they were there too, along w Flo!

I forgot my camera… the only pics I took (and I took A LOT) were on my blackberry, but KUDOS to TK for all the photos! ;]

These photos are from my phone, horrible quality... but I HAD to post them cause I was sooo close to them.

I even recorded video on my phone of them while they performed ‘Infinity’ :] but because it was so loud in there... you cant quite make out the words :[ BOO

Because it was an ALL AGES show it ended a little before 11 which was kind of a good thing considering I was BEAT and ready for bed! But overall it was a GREAT show, I had a BLAST!!!

Afterward we stuck around for a bit for the Afterparty..then ended up heading to a bar down the street....we actually only stayed there for like 5mins lol...walked back to HOB..where Edwin couldn't stop discussing the lesbian couple he had seen.."rubbing each other"

He said 'I should make a band called Lesbians Rubbing' LOL

I was telling Flo NOT to do DRUGS!

they were still excited about the lesbian couple, I suppose..


Robbie: "'re wearing TOMS.." Me: "uh...yea.." Robbie: "How generous of you!" Flo: "Thats very gernerous of you.." Me: "Kids in NEED!" LOL

Thanks again @tk_nguyen for bring me along for the show!!! It's all I wanted!!! :] I had a BLASSSST! ;]

byyye byyyeee XX!!!

Via: Destiny's Blog

FYI: I am officially the newest XX fan! Awesome show!!!

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I'm sooooooo freakin jealous! I heart The XX!