Monday, June 28, 2010

The Comedians of Chelsea Lately + After-Party

[Friday, June 18th] I left Bar West to head down to Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay for the "Comedians of Chelsea Lately" tour featuring Jo Koy, Josh Wolf, and Whitney Cummings. Thanks again to Allen Palos and Jerry Meng for taking care of Hannah (+ her entourage) and myself. Yes, Hannah aka my assistant has an entourage. She rolls deeper than I do... SHM!

CLICK HERE to see more pictures from the show and the after-party.

It was another SOLD OUT show!
Being a fan of the Chelsea Lately Show, I was really excited to meet Chuey backstage. It was really cool to have him come out for the After-Party because I heard he never goes out. I hope you had fun Chuey!
The audience absolutely loved Jo Koy! He had them all LOLing the entire time... HAHA!
If you missed this show, don't worry we're working on bring Jo Koy back down to San Diego before the end of Summer so be on the look out...
See you all at the After-Party!
Actually, its time for the Meet & Greet first...

This crazy fan had Jo Koy sign her fun bags... Yeah I called them fun bags! :) HAHA
Off to the After-Party at Thin/Onyx!

I think Josh Wolf was sad we didn't have a spot reserved for him in the VIP. HAHA
Hannah aka the Assistant x Jo Koy
Sparklers can mean only one thing... #morebelve!
OMG! I haven't seen Melissa since the last time I was in New York! Miss you!!!
The homiegirls chillin' in VIP with a creepy looking Julz... What are you doing bro!?
Cheers to Chuey!
Thanks to Michael Yo from E! for coming through as a guest host. The ladies were lovin' him...
But I think Chuey definitely stole the show! I had to have one of the security guards standing with Chuey at all times. HAHA
What time is it...
Patron time!!!
Coming straight from Hawaii, we've got Tina aka DJ Anit! Plus that ignorant bastard behind her reppin' the Bay Area is none other than DJ Rygar!
We also had DJ Rayzaruckus in the building too!
Francesca x Kelli x Michelle
We even got Jo Koy behind the bar... Can I get a Henny & Coke please!?
More Patron behind the bar with Brea and Charlissa!
I can't believe Meghan actually came out too! I haven't seen her in forever... Booed up status! HAHA Oh yeah, that happy boy is Allen Palos! 143!
Are we doing another shot? FML!
Jerry Meng is always bringing out the cuties! HAHA
Cros1 too! HAHA
It was an epic night at Thin/Onyx. We went through 4 bottles of Belvedere, 4 bottles of champagne, buckets of Coronas, countless Patron shots, and finally need the night with this...
What a night!? Thanks again to Jo Koy, Chuey, Micheal Yo, Josh Wolf, Whitney Cummings, Allen Palos, Jerry Meng, and the rest of the Chelsea Lately staff for coming out. We hope you had the time of your life! :) HAHA