Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What am I doing with my life!?

[Thursday, June 24th] After months of anticipation, the new iPhone 4 launch day was finally here. I had to have it, even if that meant camping out for a few hours, which actually turned into 11 hours to be exact. FML! But I must say I absolutely love my new iPhone 4. I'd do it again... It seriously wasn't that bad but luckily for me I had Chachy and Nikki to keep me company, plus my iPad and a comfortable $10 beach chair... Best $10 I've ever spent.

03:37:02 AM
03:42:58 AM
04: 51:50 AM
05:14:09 AM
05:20:18 AM
05:36:37 AM
07:16:35 AM
07:57:46 AM
09: 28:21 AM
10:51:54 AM
10:52:00 AM
01:34:15 PM
02:29:30 PM
03:03:33 PM
Who wants one?