Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

[Sunday, July 4th] Happy Independence Day! I don't think I've mentioned that my family from London was visiting America for the first time. It's crazy because this is actually the first time I've meet them all, not including my cousin Tony because he came to the States when I was still in High School. Yes, I have a cousin named Tony from London with an English accent. Ladies, you'd love it!

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Aimee (Movement Lifestyle) and I headed over to Zanzibar early in the morning for breakfast. If you're in San Diego, I definitely recommend it as a healthy breakfast spot!
It was then off to Embarcadero for the annual 5&A Dime 4th of July picnic. We made a quick stop inside Joe's Crab Shack to grab a few drinks before heading out to meet with everyone else.

I love Mojitos!
Irons and the rest of the Iron's crew joined us for a few drinks inside as well. It was nice to catch up with the homies and hear stories of their rockstar partying days in LA.
Jay (5&A Dime) x Roxie
There were having an guacamole cook off when we got there... It was pretty intense!
I don't think this little boy liked me... Look at the pure evil in his eyes! SMH!
It was then off to the Del Mar Fair grounds to meet up with 21XL and the rest of my family. Not only was it the 4th of July but it was the second to last day of the fair so that shit was crackin'!
They got the most unhealthiest foods at the SD County Fair. Chocolate covered Bacon!? Who thinks of these things? That's not even that bad compared to all the fried foods they have... Fried sticks of butter!? WTF!?
It was actually alright though... HAHA! Jimmy (London) x Demi x Drew
My cousin, Tony has to be carrying the world's largest Funnel Cake!
The Family! :)
The Friends! :)
Time to win some prizes...
I swear we spent 30 minutes here trying to win something...
30 mintues and $28 dollars later, one of us finally won. Congrats to Justyles (WOD)!
Cousins: Denzel x Drew x Jimmy x Demi
It was then off to In 'n Out to introduce London to the Double Double Animal Style! HAHA
Aimee had fun at her first SD Fair. I am pretty sure she was thinking I have a crazy family, which I do!
#1 Animal Style with Animal Style Fries!
When we got home my Crazy Aunt aka Momma-Zel put one of these mask on me... HAHA!
It was nice to spend the day with the family! I know An Diep aka Mom was extremely happy to have both Drew aka Brother and I home with the family.