Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

[Day 1: Wednesday, July 7th] So while my family from London was visiting, they planned to spend 4 days in Las Vegas. I figured it would be fun to join them but I couldn't leave until Wednesday, so I had to find someone down to drive up to Vegas with me. Luckily, Ms. Jenilee Reyes was free for a spontaneous 48 hour trip to Sin City. Lets go!!!

CLICK HERE to view more pictures from my 48 hour trip to Las Vegas.

Before heading off on our 4 hour road trip, we made a stop at "All About the Bread" off Melrose for a quick bite. I love subs!
265 miles later were finally in Las Vegas!!!
We rushing over to meet up with my family while they were having dinner before heading over to the MGM to catch the 9:30PM KA show. I kept hearing amazing things about KA so I was extremely excited. Plus, it was my first Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas.
We were ready to hit the strip...
On our drive up we were fortunate enough to order tickets to the show, but best of all the seats were in the front near the center... HOLLA!
Now that's gotta be the biggest Patron & Pineapple I've ever had, straight up 40 oz. status! HAHA
KA had the most stunning and creative sets I'd ever seen. I felt like with every scene change, we were being teleported to another world.
Of course, the acrobatics were on point with any Cirque du Soleil show.
I don't even know how they came up with this unique fight sequence but it was incredible!
Definitely a show you won't regret! Cirque du Soleil never ceases to amazing me with their creativity story telling. Loved it!!!
Jenilee posing with one of the KA Pirates!
WOW! ;)
We headed back over to the Venetian to meet up with the rest of my family and do a bit of gambling at the craps table. I came up $140! :)

We also met up with Jon Muna (Blends) and his girlfriend Ariana, who was celebrating her birthday, at Grand Lux for a late night dinner. Vegas isn't the same without a stop at Grand Lux for their Asian Chicken Salad. HAHA
Where to next!?
We called it an early night and decided to wake up early to lay out by the pool, plus I was knocked out in the car from all that Patron & Pineapple. HAHA

[Day 2: Thursday, July 8th] We started off the day by meeting up with the fams at a Vietnamese restaurant off the strip. Holla at the Vietnamese Ice Coffee!
We got tricked into heading to my Aunt's new house in Vegas, which was supposedly "around the corner". But I am glad I got a chance to see it because their whole family is moving to Vegas next week. :(

Anyways, Jenilee and I headed to Tao Beach in the afternoon to layout and relax by the pool.
The Good Life!
We had dinner reservations at Switch at the Encore for Ariana's birthday along with VIP tables at Tryst. So it was time to get the night started...

Ariana (Birthday Girl) x Jon
Lobster Salad
Ribeye Steak
Mac 'n Cheese
Happy birthday Ariana!
The food at Switch was not only expensive but the portions weren't that big either. However it was delicious!
It was then off to Tryst at the Wynn to meet up with the rest of Ariana's entourage. Complimentary bottles of champagne for the birthday celebrant!
The Ladies:
The Men:
Not a bad ratio at all... HAHA!
Even Nicole (Hellz) and her friends meet up with us to join in on the festivities.
Jenilee met up with her friend, Angela, who she hasn't seen since they were 18 years old singing together in a group. OMG!!!
Reunited and it feels so good!!!
I also ran into Minus, who I've known since we were both 11 years old.
I don't remember the last time I spent the entire night dancing... We were breakin' it down from 11PM until 4AM. I felt like I was in "You Got Served" or "Stomp the Yard". HAHA
This is my crew: Matt (LV) & ??? I can't remember this guys name but he came with Minus and he was going in! Just look at how sweaty his shirt is... HAHA
I wanted to jump in the pool so bad...
Angela x TK
Matt met these beautiful twins from London, which we dubbed Cotton Candy. HAHA
It was definitely a sweaty fun filled night of dancing! We didn't get back to Harrah's until 6AM. What's crazy is the UrbanFX OG's meet up with me for an hour since they were all there to celebrate Raelynn's birthday that weekend. I wish I could have stayed because I swear everyone was coming up to Vegas that weekend.

Shout out to Jimrod x Alfredo x Mikey x Vince x Charm x Hannah for coming to visit me before I left.
[Day 3: Friday, July 9th] After just 3 hours of sleep I had to get coffee before we started our long drive back to LA. Last picture in Vegas... We'll be back!!!
We ended our road trip at BJ's in West Covina with a Cookies 'n Cream Pizookie!
Wish we could have stayed in Las Vegas longer but both Jenilee and I had to make another road trip back to see our Moms'. Thanks Jenilee for being coming along with me! :) I think I was sore for the next 3 days from all the dancing we did at Tryst. Can't wait for the next road trip...