Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HOB Block Party: July 3rd - Recap

I know I haven't been consistently blogging these past few weeks, but its mainly because I've been working on my master plan for total world domination! MUAHAHA! Although that's kinda true, I've been mainly focusing on a few upcoming projects. I'm excited for the next chapter of my life! Lets see where this takes me...

In the mean time, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Alright now lets get back to blogging... Where did I leave off?!

[Saturday, July 3rd] For the past 5 years we've celebrated in San Diego at the House of Blues on July 3rd for Independence Day. This year we brought back a few of Victory Nightlife's original DJs aka DJ Bamski (1999), DJ Hektik (1999), & DJ Happee (2001), plus Tribe of Kings and SD Source were holdin' it down too. We definitely had a solid line up of performers as well that included PGN, Second to None aka 220, and Heavy Impact (ABDC). Thank you to everyone that came out for the pre-Independence Day fireworks!

Before the night started I invited Myron Marten (21XL), who was one of the guest host for the Block Party, and a few other friends out for dinner at Katsu in Downtown SD. While walking over to the restaurant, everyone was crowed around the Gaslamp Tavern trying to catch a glimpse of the UFC fight.
Hannah (The Assistant) x Aimee (Movement Lifestlyle). So glad Aimee made it all the way down from LA to celebrate with us!
Kim (PGN) x Christine (PGN) x Dave Wen x DJ Justyles (WOD) x Dina x Janice x Myron Marten x Hannah x Aimee
Everyone loves it when Kimme x Natalie come through to shake it up on the main stage at HOB.
We takin' it back to 1999 with DJ Hekik (Armory) on the 1s and 2s!
Look who also came down from LA to party for the weekend? Twee!!! :)
LA was definitely reppin' at House of Blues!
My favorite DJ of the night was Mr. Bamski (GPPR) droppin' all the club bangers from 1999 to present day... Props!!!
The Block Party stays crackin'!
Get it ladies!!! HAHA
We closed out the night with DJ Justyles (WOD) reppin' for the next generation of disc jockeys. HAHA
It was off to La Fachada afterward for some Al Pastor California Burritos!
We got extra hooked up that night because Jose (Owner) is a big fan of Britney (2nd to left).
Thanks again to everyone for helping make the Independence Day Block Party another success. We'll see you Sunday, September 5th for the "All White Everything" Labor Day Block Party.

If you didn't notice all these pictures were taken with my iPhone 4. Love the new camera and flash... CHEESE!


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good times sir!