Monday, November 15, 2010

48 Hours in San Francisco.

[Wednesday, October 3rd] What was suppose to be a short 24 hour business trip to San Francisco, turned into me purposely missing my flight to stay an extra night to party with friends.  Fun times! It was even crazier because the day I flew in just happen to be the Giants World Series Championship parade. It was madness...

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I've missed flying Virgin America!
Drew aka Brother and I headed out to Supper Club to have dinner that night.  Definitely a weird experience to say the least...



Earlier that morning there were millions of Giants fans outside City Hall for the parade. The footage I saw from my brother's iPhone looked like pure chaos.  I'm kinda glad I missed it...
Reunited with Alysia! :)  I finally got a chance to see her place and catch up on life.  Thanks for coming out with me even though you hate going out to clubs.
We headed over to Infusion, which is SF's premier club, to meet up with DJ Gusto (Skam Artist) and Jenn.  However, Jen had too much fun during the parade she didn't make it out. HAHA FAIL
Patron time with DJ Gusto x Angelina... I think that was just 1 of 6 shots I took of Patron that night thanks to Gusto.  I still hate you by the way! HAHA
Somehow I ended up in a taxi cab in front of my brother's house holding a McDonald's snap wrap in my right hand at 3AM.  I don't know... But what I do know is I hate Patron!

[Thursday November 4th] Anyways, my brother's new house is so big he has his own dance floor! HAHA
We both headed out to the gym Thursday morning, but it probably wasn't a good idea because I was still so dehydrated.  When we got back my brother cooked up some breakfast... I'm impressed.
The view from his place is very nice too!
Later that afternoon, Artressa (The Company) came by and picked me up so we could head out to Haight Street to do some shopping! :)
I came up on these Red Wing boots plus a pullover jacket from B. Scott from Villain's, my favorite store in SF.
I love this photo!
We picked up Marien (The Company) on our way back and got Wing Stop! We were all starving...
I'm way too tall for this picnic table...
I found a babby aka Aggie! :)
The genius behind the Company... Pat Cruz.
5... 6... 7... 8...
I ended up staying at the Company rehearsal until my ride came. Watching these guys rehearse makes me miss my dancing days.  I miss having that team camaraderie, and of course I just miss performing! :(  I can't wait to see their entire set at WOD... But you already know how that ended. CHAMPS!

So I ended up missing my flight because some of the Wildboyz were flying into SF for the weekend.  We started off our night by making a pit stop at one of the near by liquor stores where they were selling these personal drinking kits. HAHA
We pre-partied at my brother's house before heading back out to the city.
Wildboyz 4 Life!
As the night progressed, the more I was questioning my decision to stay an extra 24 hours... These guys are just too wild! HAHA Josephine x Cecile x Rose x Vince x JR
DJ Drew aka DJ Brother
We hit up the crepe cart first before heading out to Eve Lounge...
I love Josie! :) She's a trooper because she was dancing all night with a walking boot on her leg all night.
BFF aka Rose x Drew
We meet up at Eve Lounge with Alfredo and the rest of the gang aka Fatima x Cat x Jill x Christine
So glad I got to meet up with Dom while I was out in SF.  See you back in LA!
My Vietnamese brother Trung Tran (Sutra) also stopped by to say whats up before heading back to work.
We spent the entire night doing the electric slide, having our own soul train line, and even a few routines. HAHA
Both Josie and Fran were battle each other on who loved me more... Aww! I love you both!
Viper was definitely on the prowl that night!
Late night eating in Union Square.
Fun times!

[Friday, November 5th] It was time to fly out to San Diego so I could host another R&R: Rhythm & Recreation.  I am gonna miss SF but I'd be back next week for World of Dance: Bay Area.

I'll see you this weekend Josie at Vanessa & Angelo's wedding. Can't wait to reunite with all the Wildboyz... I'm actually kinda scared its gonna be too crazy!  If you're wondering what Josie is doing below, she was doing an impersonation of me. SMH
Hi San Diego!
I'll be back SF...