Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getatnance: Bon Voyage Nance! :(

[Tuesday, November 2nd]: It was supposed to be a surprise party but I ended up finding out lol. Than again it's the thought that counts. Just the idea knowing Kita, JD, Jenilee and TK were setting this up for me made me all feel warm, fuzzy and so special. I'm so blessed to have such amazing group of talented, beautiful friends in my life. It's hard to describe with words how I feel. Pretty overwhelming it was. It was hard to keep that smile on my face. Knowing I was leavin soon. But I am sooo thankful. 

"Thank you guys for all comin trough. My trip out here wouldn't be as amazing without you guys! We've shared so many amazing memories and good times. "Salute" to many more! 143"

Our group of friends is so tight. We all became so much closer this trip. It's hard, because I saw them almost everyday and all of a sudden I won't see them for months :*(

"goodbye's are the worst."

Jared x Ryan x Dj Drewbyrd x Dj Mark Marcelo (aka TK's roomie)
 Miss Lawn (Founder Hellz Bellz) x Nicole x Bam x Romeo x Ryan x Adam (722 Figuroa)
 Timor from The Netherlands bustin them movies (Michael Jackson x Chris Brown)
Gui DaSilva (Chris Brown) x Timor x me x Gustavo x Brandon 
 Imma miss these biatches - Cheryl x Jenilee x Miss Lawn x Jenny Kita
 Jeka x Shaun Evaristo
 Cutest Couple Kevin x Joanna
 Singin our hearts out!
Neran x TK aka Harold and Kumar
 Indo (muse) x Kita x Chief (usla) x me
I love this girl! Thnx for always being there for me! Love you Cathy!
 Hellz Bellz x Gppr 
Jd x TK x Me x Gustavo x Lucas
 Jd x Timor x D-nice killin it on stage!
"Missing someone is your heart's way of reminding you that you love them"

here for more pictures

Miss you already Nance! Hopefully I can make it out to Amsterdam soon! Love you Sis! :)