Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jomo: Halloween Block Party @ House of Blues

[Jomo]: Blurry night. Good times. AWESOME COSTUMES EVERYONE!! I don't think I saw too many repeats. (Then again, I don't remember much in general...) Congratulations to Toe-Knee and the rest of the staff and crew for probably one of the best House of Blues events to date. Approximately 2000 people in attendance?? Crazy. Pictures tell it all. I know Guil had my camera for a while, but I really don't remember taking all these pictures. Where was I most of the night?!?

Several pictures stolen from KaYoTiK's blog. I'm about to end this blog if Brian continues to go out to the same events I do every weekend...

kanye found his phoenix (Thanks Mike & Annie hah!)

zack vs slater


kickass is straight win

random guy asks if he can tickle turns out to be tim khuu.

hey hey hey!

dj julz with costume of the year

gaga sighting

awesome costume. awesome face.

peace out!

Via: JomoKaYoTiK

Thanks guys for all the amazing photos... Wish I would have taken some that night too!  See you guys at the next Block Party for New Years Eve 2011.