Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Last Supper with No Pants Nance!

[Monday, November 1st]: Enjoyin my last Vietnamese supper before headed back home to Europe. Pho 87 in Chinatown. I love this place. It became one of my fav Pho spots thnx to TK. We could eat here daily. Thnx TK for treatin us! I miss you!
At night the homiez took me out for Korean BBQ. I wish we had this in Europe. For all my Dutchies ya'll have no idea what your missin out on!

Mark x TK x Killuh B x JD x Kita x Me x Jenilee - " I MISS YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH " 143
 HEY! It's that guy from the poster!
Via: Getatnance

We miss you already Nance! :)