Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NYC Day#1: Hello New York!

[Monday, January 25th] We stayed up and pulled an all nighter for our 7am flight to New York in hopes of sleeping the entire way, which worked because I slept for about 90% of the flight. I actually sat in my entire seat the whole plane ride, which is incredible considering I have a major case of A.D.D. Here are a few pictures from our first day in New York. Remember I don't have my Canon S90 and the backup Canon Power Shot we brought along needed a SD memory card, so my iPhone was all I had.

I love Virgin America, especially with the free wi-fi!
Mink x Mark Marcelo
We touched down in NYC at 3:15pm. It took us almost 2 hours from the time we landed to the time we got to Irv's new spot in Brooklyn.
Finally, I could put these Redwing shoes to use! Stomp the yard! HAHA
We meet up with my East Coast family aka Irv at Sea in Brooklyn for dinner. Thats probably one of my favorite restaurants because it has an amazing ambiance, its well designed, the food is presented well, of course its delicious, and best of all, its not expensive. After catching up with Irv and finally seeing his new spot, we headed out for a few drinks and pizza.

West (DTA) also ended up meeting up with us too. We ended up going to Max Fish in the LES where I ran into a few familiar faces. "Aren't you Toe-Knee from LA?" HAHA... So random!
While we were there we saw some guy get hit in the face with a bottle. Crazy! The Black Scale crew also touched down to so we ended up meeting up with them at Sway. The spot was crackin'! Ended the night with a stuffed pizza x burrito from Rays.
We called it a night at 4am... Time to rest up for the party!