Friday, January 29, 2010

NYC Day#3: LES by Mink

[Wednesday, January 27th] Guest blogging today as Toe-Knee's 3rd counterpart in this NYC trip and also because he is getting his facial mask on (no homo.) Him and Mark have been starting their days off at 3pm and today was probably the first time they saw daylight. Hunger strikes and first stop is always dinner.

We've been f*cking with the pizza out here in Brooklyn. Brooklyn pizza is like a new religion. We found this gem close to where we're staying called Nice Pizza (pronounced nees).

That's Toe-Knee's buddy, Irv. After this picture was shot, Irv goes "Yo, I don't know how to feel when I'm posing in front of a pie." Your face tells us that, Irv.
Manhattan bound and we're posing for the NYC paparazzi aka subway station surveillance.
Mark and I like to show our affection for each other.
Mobile strip club. Get your singles out, ladies.
First stop, we headed over to East Village to meet Toe-Knee's cousin, Nancy and her girlfriends at a oyster bar called Desnuda. Along with their oysters, they serve really exotic ceviche dishes with fresh sashimi. Japanese/Mexican fusion... that new ish.

Cava Rose sparking wine. Toe-Knee wines and dines the ladies...
The chef prepares our Ceviche de Salmon, consisting organic Scottish salmon mixed with lime juice, sliced almonds, cilantro and topped with sliced mandarin oranges on a bed of sweet potato brulee. We need that torch!
This is dinner #2.
Nancy (right) and her girls getting it in.
After our dinner we head over to the LES. It's brick cold outside and we snuck into an apartment lobby to keep warm and let the drinking begin. Hennesey commercial all day son!
Piano Bar is a 2-level bar, like most NY venues and it was super POPPIN'. The crowd was crazy and the music was on point.

Tony, what's that face you're making? It ain't cute at all!
After the craziness at Piano Bar, we needed to step out to chill for a minute and head over to the next block to Fat Baby. The name makes you curious! It was cool but we linked up with the Hellz fam at Max Fish. Max Fish is streetwear hang-out spot. Super divey... my steez.
Misslawn & Toe-knee making that face again.
Michellez Hellz, my Korean sista!
I lost my brain and half my memory here.
Nancy, Nicole, Angie, Brittany and the Ladies' Man himself right before we head back over to.... Piano Bar because at this point, we all wanted to dance.

Mark, Ryan, and Bam (Hellz)..... Awkward stare triangle. *_*
The girl in the middle was lost but felt right in place in between Brittany and Alex.
Girls always give Mark attention but he likes to keep it nonchalant. Go on playboy.
Here's a sequence of floor-up pics that was really cute.

Patron shots .... FML, I'm not happy about this at all!
After-club munchies to the nearest gyro spot. We rolled pretty deep.
Getting it in! I forgot I macked this gyro... but from the looks of it, I guess it was really delicious.
Walking back to the Hellz loft nearby.... Gangster pose. wworrrd.
Heading to the afterparty at the Hellz loft. Note that the time was 5am at this point.
Don't hate... meditate!
Praying I don't have a hangover the following morning. Everyone is out of their element in this picture.... Kodak moment!

Stay tuned for Day#4.... adventures, all day, everyday.

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