Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Recap.

I'm leaving to New York in just a few hours. I'm so excited... Its been a few months since I've been back to New York. I can't wait to see the East Coast family. I still don't have a camera, but Mark Marcelo is taking his point and shoot so we can capture the moments. Its been a hectic week, but without a camera its hard to blog. Here are a few random pictures I took on my iPhone.

[Wednesday] Since I'm pretty behind on blogging, I guess I'll do a quick recap for those of you that care. This past Wednesday, Mark Marcelo spun at Short Stop, which is around the corner from our LA apartment, for Cody's birthday. The place was crackin' with a diverse crowd who were all getting down to some Bone Thugs n Harmony. It was pretty much boys night out plus Mink. HAHA... We ended up bringing the party back to our place, where it didn't stop until almost 6am.
[Friday] I don't even remember what I did on Thursday... Probably go shop around. HAHA. But I spent Friday roaming around LA running errands before the crazy weekend started. We hosted an event at Bar Delux for the Grand Opening of our weekly Fridays with DJ Mark Marcelo. The place didn't get crackin' until after 11:30pm but we were all getting down to some old school R&B with bottles of Grey Goose at the table. It was a Zoo Crew reunion with Talia Sunset, who has been in hibernation mode. We were all waiting for the After School Special at Kitchen 24 afterwards, but the place was too busy, so we settled for Swingers. Shout out to Shaun Evaristo, Aimee, Jide, and the Blends OC crew for all come through with their friends.
[Saturday] Saturday we kept it Classified at Confidential in San Diego. After a Body Rock meeting with the one and only Anna Sarao, I played hosted to 8 birthday celebrates and a going away party. We hit capacity at 11:15pm and were only letting in girls. It was definitely fun times, especially with Patrick Lam (So Real Cru), some of the Wildboyz, Eunice's birthday celebration, Yogi, Krstyle Cruz, the Blends OC fam once again, for all coming through to rage it up in San Diego. It was crazy... We went through 3 bottles of Hennessy and 2 champagnes. Fun times... Plus, the Victory fam introduced me to this bomb ass Mexican truck on 25th and Imperial. Seriously the best Mexican food I've tried in forever... SO GOOD!
[Sunday] Sunday I spent the day in San Diego just chillin' with An Diep aka Mom. She misses me! =) Mark Marcelo and I headed to the PQ Barber to get our haircuts, then meet up with Christine Gama to watch the Colts vs. Jets game. It was fun to catch up... We had some interesting stories to share. HAHA. Then it was back to the crib for the Vikings vs. Saints game. What a game!? Congrats to the Saints' Drew Brees & Reggie Bush on making it to the Super Bowl... Now please go kick Payton Manning's ass for me!
After the game it was back up to LA to pack my bags, head to Guys & Dolls to party, then make our way to LAX for our 7am flight to New York. Once again, Guys & Dolls was off the chains! Everyone came out tonight to mix it up with JL Productions. Shit is always crackin' and DJ Orator is always killin' it. Did I mention I'm in love with the VIP hostess there. OMG she's beautiful... I just gotta figure out a way to tell her. =)
Alright... Time to leave for New York. Enjoy your week... Hopefully I can update the blog while I'm in New York. See you guys when I get back. We'll be hosting R&R: Rhythm & Recreation at Thin/Onyx for Darwin "D" Browne's 30th birthday along with the UrbanFX reunion. Also, don't forget about our Holiday Block Party at House of Blues on Saturday, February 13th... 3 holidays, 3 rooms, 1 ticket. Get your pre-sale tickets this week starting at only $10. Its gonna be nuts!

I'll have photos coming soon...