Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday: Ollie x Ruby's Birthday in Downtown SD!

After sleeping a total of 2.5 hours, I was back at it again in Downtown San Diego for Victory Nightlife's Exclusive at Thin/Onyx. We had a hosted sushi and sake bar from 9-10PM and guest DJ Rygar from the Bay Area in town. I seriously scarfed down at least 30+ pieces of sushi... Thanks Ricky!

CLICK HERE to view photos from my Friday night in Downtown SD.

Who's down for some FREE sake shots? We are!!! DJ Mahjestik x DJ Rygar
Look at all the freeloaders here to munch on some delicious sushi rolls... HAHA
Ivan rolled through too with an entrouage of beautiful ladies... Lucky ladies!
New Jersey's very own... DJ Mahjestik (Z90.3 | Mass Appeal)
MCHS Alumni! HAHA... All the girls came out to celebrate Pam's Going Away, since she'll be leaving for Atlanta soon. We wish you the best Pam! Jamboree forever! HAHA... Patron time!
Brea (VIP Hostess), Katie (Door Girl) and I rolled over to Stingery to visit Ollie (Segue), who was celebrating his birthday in the VIP. I've never been to Stingery but that place reminded me of Vegas. I felt like pumpin' my fist right when I walked in... HAHA.
Unfortunately I couldn't stay too long, but at least I got to say Happy Birthday! 143!
Wildboyz 4 Life!
April x Ollie
When we got back Thin/Onyx was crackin'! The night started off slower than usual but it picked up... DJ Mark Marcelo was spinnin' a marathon R&B mix that had all the ladies dancing down at Onyx.
DJ Rygar had the spot crackin' too upstairs at Thin!
Since it was Ruby's birthday, I got her a bottle of champagne! Note to Self: Don't ever give Ruby a sparkler while she's already faded. She almost burned everyone around her...
Jessica x TK x Ruby
I love DJ Mark Marcelo (Mindz Alike)!
Ed x Cha x Jay x Michael Phelps x Weirdos in the back... HAHA
I miss my Bumsville Bitch Roomie!
Scott (OPP) came through after their pop up shop opening at UNIV. Sorry I couldn't make it bro... I'll make it up to you! 143!
Another Note to Self: Don't let Ruby pour Champagne when she's drunk.
What time is it... Patron time!!! Muahahhaha (evil laugher)
Another round to PAM!
Josephine x Nidah were hatin' on the Patron...
So they ended up giving it to Chad (Bartender)... You cheaters!
Jessica x Melissa Hurley
Afterward the club and getting Mexican food, we all headed back to the Marriott Courtyard for cupcakes...
Happy Birthday Ruby!
In the morning we headed to Tractor Room in Hillcrest for Breakfast.
I've never been there but my Tractor Tomato Scramble was so good! Check out the line for brunch when we left... Damn son!
It was an eventful night to say the least... Now its time to get ready for TJ & Emcee's Pool Party, Pump It Up, and Sin Nightclub. I'm so sleepy....