Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ohhhhh myyyyyyy goddddd!

I debated about driving down from San Marcos to Downtown after class on Wednesday, but it was for Aprille's birthday dinner so why not! I just really looking forward to surprising her so I could here her say, "Ohhhh myyyyyy goddddd!" HAHA

Happy Birthday Aprille!
My sisters: Kim x Cindy... They started it all! ;)
I love Iggy!
I wish I could have made it in time for dinner but at least I made an appearance.
Ohhhhh myyyy goddddd! We all heart Aprille!
Afterwards, I headed to In N Out with XXXXXX x XXXXXX. XXXXXX was in SoCal because she was going to teach a few dance workshops. Yay for some more 3rd wheel dinner action... HAHA
Since Mark Marcelo and a few friends were heading back up to LA, I decided to spontaneously hitch a ride with them... Next stop LA!

To be continued...


aprille said...

omgggggg tk 143!!!! so happy you all came!!!!! :D