Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday pt. II: Sin Nightclub

It was off to Downtown SD after Pump It Up to play host to some out of town guest. Myron (21XL) was in town with a group of friends and Emcee had her high school friends in town so it was up to me to show them a good time. We made a pit stop at 923 to say hi to Flo and the rest of the friends...

CLICK HERE to view pictures from Saturday.

Julz is getting gigs everywhere now a days... Good shit buddy! Keep hustlin'!
Thanks for the shot of Crown Jeremy (FYS)... Chris x Flo x Kev x Jerms x TK
Janice and her cousins enjoying a shot of Patron!?
The rest of the homies chilled at 923 while I head over to Sin Nightclub to support NeXt Chapter, who was performing that night. Too bad we got there to late and didn't get to catch their performance. At least we tried!
Thanks to Anthony (GM) at Sin for the complimentary bottle of Vodka. Myron and I ended up dishing out for 2 more bottles, for a total of 3 bottles between 30+ people in 1 1/2 hours. Trust me, I think we got everyone faded! HAHA
JayChris was also down to support NeXt Chapter as well. Always good seeing you fellow 6 footer!
Angie Girl ended up calling into work for the first time... HAHA! But at least she was still able to co-host Fusion!
Oxnard in the house (and TJ... HAHA)!
We got everyone pouring liquor down each other throats... Shit was hilarious!
TK x Althea (NeXt Chapter) x Guil (TAA)
Keep it coming!
Wife x Husband = Jamie x TK
Oh how I've missed the Brownes, Lala x Darwin! 143!!!
You're turn Britney (NeXt Chapter)!
UrbanFX Alumni!
Verna will forever be "My Nigga!"
Myron and I managed to get everyone drunk! Fun times indeed. Everyone had a great time and got home safely... What more can I ask for!?

Off to Super Sergios in Clairemont!

"Thanks for taking good care of my friends and I! We really appreciated it. You showed them how it is to party with u here in sd..never gotta wait in line! Bottle service! Pour-In-Mouth shots! You're awesome. Next time I see, I got u back for the hospitality!" - Emcee

Yet another happy customer... HAHA!


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