Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunday: Brunch x Fusion

Sunday morning I woke up to my cousin Denzel's constant chatter. I'm just happy he's able to talk now, but he doesn't shut up. I guess it runs in the family... HAHA I headed out to Josephine's brunch at Karl Strauss late and missed the buffet. Then it was off to UCSD for Fusion Dance Competition to promote Body Rock and World of Dance SD.

CLICK HERE to see photos from Sunday at Brunch and Fusion.

Denzel just lost his two front teeth... So nice!
You guys aren't my favorites... You're my family! (Don't start crying Josie!)
The girls brought back the SLAM BOOK! WTF!?
TK x Josephine x Chris
Josephine is leaving for culinary school the first week of May, so its been a bit of a crying fest. At least you're not moving to Alaska... San Jose is just a few short hours away. Its not like you're never gonna see us again... Well maybe a few of us! HAHA Just kidding Josie!
After brunch I headed to UCSD to meet up with Myron (21XL) to put flyers on every seat in the Rimac Arena... Yes, we really did put flyers on every seat! It took us over an hour and we were both sweating like crazy! Never again... HAHA
The Nefaler Family: Mikey x Melissa x Bernie
I'm glad I didn't have to wait in the hot ass sun...
Myron and I both got interviewed by Boogie Zone TV about our events: World of Dance and Body Rock
The judge's panel: Angie, Tessie, Carlos, Elm, & Bernie
My favorite team aka Choreo Cookies! They've been confirmed to perform for my birthday party at House of Blues for Memorial Day. I'm also working on getting another special performance... Cross your fingers!
Poreotics is always entertaining to watch!
Keone x Vinh became best friends in 7th grade because they both loved Dragon Ballz... HAHA!
I was going to leave after intermission but everyone kept telling me to stay to watch Keone x Mari's project, Boys and Girls with Short Hair. Their Adele piece to "Crazy for You" almost made me cry... It was so cute! I'm glad I stayed to watch it! Keep it up guys!!!
And the winners are...
1st: Choreo Cookies 2nd: CADC 3rd: Common Ground
Jazmyne x TK
You guys gotta check out these talented 4 guys who came out from Japan. They performed at World of Dance and Fusion... I'll post up a few clips later.
It was off to Santana's to celebrate with some of the memebers from Choreo Cookies and friends.

FYI: Vinh aka Poon is turning 21 this Friday!
Santana's es muy bueno!
For a Sunday it was a pretty active day... I need some sleep!