Saturday, February 6, 2010

Final Days in NYC!

We spent our final days in New York trying to meet up with as many people as possible, eat at as many places as possible, and shopping at as many stores as possible. After another long night of raging, we headed to Republic in Union Square for some Southeast Asian cuisine.
I was hoping to try their Vietnamese sandwiches, which were $10 and included salad or soup, but we woke up so late it was no longer lunch time.
We did however order their Seafood Dumplings, but I don't eat seafood so I don't know how they were...
I did get the Chicken Pad Thai noodles though which were delightful.
We spent the rest of Sunday night shopping around Union Square where I stumbled upon a comic book store called Forbidden Planet. While we were there, I was totally geekin' out on these 1/6 scale collectible Dark Knight action figures from Hot Toys. You gotta see the new Dark Knight Batman DX02 figure I ended up ordered online from Hong Kong! HAHA
We called it an early night Sunday and headed back to Brooklyn to catch up on some much needed rest in hopes of actually waking up early enough to see some daylight.

We definitely didn't wake up "early" but we did manage to catch a few hours of daylight and headed to Shake Shake in Madison Square Park. Shake Shake is NYC's equivalent to In n' Out Burger.
See that cute little bird on the right posted on top of that chair next to Mink? Don't be fooled...
These indigenous birds and pesky squirrels are ferocious animals who are willing to attach for fries... One of the squirrels actually jumped onto our table and stole a few fries from Mink's tray and bounced! Straight jack move!
We paid Ray and the Mighty Healthy crew a visit at their office before heading to Compass with Will (Karmaloop). There were shoes shoes everywhere... Holla at the new Creative Recreation Select for women.
I finally got to pay Kristyna (green) a visit while she was working the show.
I also got a chance to chop it up with Hawaii Mike (LTD Magazine) and Omar (Commonwealth) about the difference between living on the East Coast and West Coast. I love New York and the hustle but it's so tough to leave the beautiful Southern Cali weather!
It was off to NY Restaurant week that night at the world renown Russian Tea Room with familiar faces from SD. We keepin' it classy!Melissa S. x Mark Marcelo
Lorenzo x Steph x Nancy
Boeuf a la Stroganoff
Chocolate Pyramid
Perfect way to end our last night in New York! =)
It wasn't over yet, Santos Party House for the Compass x Diesel After Party! Mercy x Mink
Oh did I mention there was an open bar!? Thanks for the invite Kristyna! Don't be shy!
Melissa x TK
Artichoke Pizza time!
We ended up having a slumber party back at Melissa's because I was on a mission to wake up early and head back to Forbidden Planet to buy the Hot Toy's Iron Man Mark II action figure.
Good morning! Its our last day in New York... =(
New York bagels for breakfast!
Time to do some last minute shoppin' in Union Square!
It was back to Brooklyn to say good-bye to Irv! Thanks again for your hospitality bro! Hurry up and come out to West Coast so we can return the favor!
What is everyone looking at? Emo moment!
It was back to the West Coast... What you know about bottle service on the plane?! HAHA
Look what I bought! =)
Fun times in New York! Hopefully I'll be back soon...