Friday, May 21, 2010

Beverly Hills --> San Diego

[Saturday, May 15th] Saturday afternoon was spent sippin' on Belvedere, grubbin' on burgers, and just relaxing poolside at Gordon's Beverly Hills Villa. We makin' moves!
Asia is a beast!
Who wants to go down the slide?
I got a chance to meet the beautiful Saleisha Stowers, winner of America's Next Top Model, and editor Sherra Dunklin. And of course you guys all know Bee Nguyen (Belvedere).
Everyone was laying out on the roof top enjoying the beautiful southern Cali weather.
Thanks Gordon for the hospitality once again. It was straight down to San Diego from Beverly Hills, to Confidential for our weekly Saturday night event, Classified™. The past 4 weekends at Confidential have been straight ridiculous... #morebelve!
Mitzie x Cynthia x Thuy
"Sheila, where is your handsome boyfriend Jason Oxina?!" HAHA
Jackie x Francine x Heather x Sheila x TK
From BH --> SD its been #morebelve all day!
Happy birthday Rose!
April x Jenn x April wildin' out in the VIP! SMH! HAHA
Noelle x Tristan x Fels
Noelle is one crazy as drunk! HAHA I love it!
Andrea is such a cutie!
Shout out to Chris Cruz! HAHA
DJ Mark Marcelo in the mix every Saturday at Confidential!
I like!
143 to my UrbanFX family: Alfredo x Charm x Jim
Yogi and his crew!
HAHA! I think Adam might have had the time of his life!?
La Fachada... Calm down Hannah! :)
La Fachada!
Thanks to DJ Drewbryd (Dom Kennedy) for coming down from LA. See you guys next Saturday at Confidential because you know its Classified™.