Friday, May 21, 2010

Jabbawockkez Muse.I.C Opening Weekend

[Saturday, May 8th] I was in Vegas for a quick 36 hour mini vacation with my family for the opening weekend of the Jabbawockeez's "Muse.I.C" show at the MGM. I was really trying to make it out on Friday for their opening night along with the Beat Freaks, Quest Crew, Pacific Rim, and everyone else but I had prior engagements. :(

Anyways, since I had Rhythm & Recreation Friday night, the family waited for me to get home before leaving for Vegas in the middle of the night. When I came home I found a 14 passenger van parked in the driveway. My first reaction was, "Oh shit! PARTY TIME!" HAHA The majority of us stayed up most of the way up telling hilarious stories. It was the start of a very memorable trip...

On the way up, one of my uncles couldn't hold it so we had to pull over so he could do his thing. HAHA This isn't Vietnam! SMH!
We touched down in Vegas at 7AM but since we couldn't check in until 1PM we had plenty of time to kill. We basically headed straight to Pho Kim Long since its open 24 hours a day for breakfast. While some of us ate, other were knocked out in the van, except for William who was playing on is iPod touch.
We even got haircuts at the barber next door to kill sometime.
My Uncle and my Dad both got lined up! HAHA
After a quick nap in the car, we headed to the Vegas outlets to make it rain. My Dad was cruisin' around the mall rockin' these Ralph Lauren house slippers... SMH!
We were finally able to check in at the Flamingo at 1PM. Thanks to Ron for hookin' us up with a pimped out suite with a spectacular view. Greatly appreciated bro!

It was off to the Aria pool inside the City Center to meet up with the Hellz Bellz x Crooks & Castles family. I love the entire design of the City Center... Beautiful!
Drew x Uncle x Dad x TK
The Nguyen x Truong family.
Binh aka Dad x Andrew aka Brother
I can't believe the Jabbawockeez have their own show in Vegas! I know they've been talking about it for the past year but to see it finally come into fruition is truly amazing! I am so happy to see them doing big things! They've worked hard and they deserve it! PROUD!!!
Detrix (Quest) was nice enough to take a picture with my cousins, Franchesca and William. He was back for the 2nd night in a row... Yes its that good!
I'm ready!
Thanks to Fred Nguyen (Manager) and Emil (Crooks) for hookin' me up with VIP seating. The guys even came over to our table and had me dancing before the show... HAHA!
Here's one of the Jabbawockeez dancing with Molly (MTV). Not only are they amazing dancers but they're improve is hilarious! The crowd loved every minute of it, and the show hasn't even started yet.
Let the show begin...
They took it to a whole new level...
You'll be laughing from start to finish!
Shout out to Super Cr3w as well!
Standing ovation!!!
They loved it!
Detrix x Molly x TK
It was off to XS afterwards with my brother to meet up with everyone, including Eunice and Miakka (MTV Asia).
Nicole (Hellz) x Romeo
Reunited with Nancy aka Getatnance!
Alexis (TM)
Nancy x JD (LXD)
The Ninjas: Alexis x Bell (World Famous)... "Barefoot girls" SMH! HAHAHAHA
It was off to Grand Lux for the after party! HAHA
Their Asian Chicken Salad is the BOMB!
We didn't get home until 5AM but I woke up the next morning to find my Uncle passed out... HAHA!
Mobbin' out!
Where? To anther Pho spot! HAHA
We hit up a few more spots to shop before heading back to San Diego. While I was visiting my friend Candace at Louis Vuitton, look who I run into? None other than Shaun Evaristo!
Thanks once again to Ron for taking care of our pimped out suite. The view was amazing!
It was a short trip but it was nice to be able to bond with family. I know I can get caught up with everything going on in life that I forget how amazing my family is. I know I said it before but we're not your ideal family but I wouldn't have it any other way! THANKFUL!