Sunday, May 16, 2010

Class of 2010

[Saturday, May 1st] After more than 2 years of countless all nighters cramming ridiculous 20+ page papers, I was finally about to graduate from the University of Phoenix with my Master in Business Administration (MBA). FINALLY!

Its been a struggle trying to balance my social life, business, and school all together. Many people didn't even know I was going to school all this time because they always saw me out and about. I even remember a few nights were I found myself finishing up online discussion questions while chillin' at the club in the VIP. No joke!

I am forever thankful and grateful for all the amazing people that have helped me through this journey we call life. Time to start taking over the world! But first lets get through this graduation ceremony! :)

My graduation ceremony was at the San Diego Convention Center. It was beautiful! It made me kinda regret not walking at SDSU. But I guess you can say this was my second chance...
Mark Marcelo (Victory) x Angela (Hellz) both came down along with a few other LA folks for the ceremony.
Klev x Alison x Hannah (Victory) always come through to support! Thanks guys!
Even Big Gee aka Gian was in the building, but I think he came to see all the other hot graduates! HAHA
Jenny x Kimtan x Rhoda x Alvin x Ojay came through to represent for the Wildboyz!
It should have read Anthony "TK" Nguyen... All good!
DJ Julz aka Julian Dela Pena (Mindz Alike) signing the inflatable Zebra Alvin brought.
Almost there...
Toe-Knee "TK" Nguyen!
I graduated!
The Godfather aka Dad x Drew aka Brother
Its official... Class of 2010!
I promised my Dad 3 years ago I would get my Masters... I finally did it! He was proud! :)
The Godmother of Hip-Hop aka Anna Sarao graced us all with her presence. Thank you for the flowers and the touching card. Love you Anna!

Don't forget Body Rock Dance Competition this Saturday, May 22nd at the San Diego Civic Center. Get your tickets now! You know I had to plug it! HAHA ;)
6th Grade aka Rhoda x 9th Grade aka Jenny
Thanks... For the creative sign?! HAHA
Vietnamese Royalty: Kimtan x TK
Mr. Ben Wang (722 Figueroa) x Mel. So glad you guys were able to be apart of this memorable day!
The Nguyen x Vo Family
Alvin x Hannah x Alison
My roomies: Nikki x Chachy
LA reppin': Lisa x Mink (Crooks)
My backbone: Drew x An Diep aka Mom
Jennifer is one of the only graduates I actually know at the ceremony... Its weird when you have online classes because you never get a chance to put faces to names. Strange isn't it. Anyways, we did it!
After the ceremony we headed to Seau's to celebrate!
Killuh B x Bigotweeties x Minkdevilee
We rolled 28 deep to Seau's and I got a chance to introduce everyone to the Victory roll. They loved it! Trust me you will too so when you're at Seau's make sure you ask for the Victory roll!
One of our closest family friends, Rene & Dana also made a special guest appearance. Its been years since I've seen our two families come together. It was an amazing feeling.
Demi x TK x Diem aka Crazy Aunt
My Dad ended up handing down his Rolex watch to me as a graduation gift. Definitely a moment I'll remember for the rest of my life.
Its been 6 years since I've seen my parents together. I loved it! Thanks to the rest of my family for everything... 143!
I'm finally finished, now its time to make it happen! I'm looking forward to the future!

Thanks again to everyone who took part in one of the most memorable days of my life. I'm truly thankful!


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