Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The most eventful Thursday of my life...

[Thursday, April 29th] <-- Will always be remembered as the most eventful Thursday of my life! Some of the things I witnessed and experienced that Thursday afternoon in the Hellz Bellz office have forever changed the course of my life. I can never look at candles, baby oil, and hot wax the same way again... SMH!

I won't get into too much detail so I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

"Jino, can you interview these 2 ladies because they're interested in becoming interns..." HAHA


If you were following us on Twitter you got a sneak peak at what happen... I'm still traumatized!

16 people + 1 puppy in an elevator = FAIL

Lets celebrate our near death experience... Cheers to life!

It was another memorable time with the Hellz fam! Time to go pick up my Dad... If he only knew what I was doing just a few hours before... SMH!

Oh yeah, happy birthday Jino!