Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5&A Dime Fashion Show at Stingere

[Friday, July 16th] I spent the majority of my Friday jumping between coffee shops and the shopping malls. I don't know if I mentioned it, but my Pops came back to the States for a few days to handle business. I tried to get work done but its hard because my Pops is constantly shopping. And you wonder where I get it from... HAHA!

On Wednesday, I got word that Dwele might come through to do a surprise DJ set at R&R: Rhythm & Recreation. Since I never got confirmation, we were going to keep it a surprise, but once he tweeted it to the world... Its spread like wildfire. I had LA friends hitting me up like, "Why didn't you tell me Dwele was gonna be at Thin/Onyx?" I didn't even know either, until late Friday afternoon. It was suppose to be Julz's birthday surprise! HAHA

CLICK HERE to view my photos from Friday.
CLICK HERE to view the 5&A Dime recap of the Fashion Show.

Before R&R: Rhythm & Recareation, I emcee the 5&A Dime Fashion Show at Stingere with special performances by Dev and Far East Movement. Hellz, Irons, Cash Crop, 9Five Eyewear, and 5&A Dime were the brands being showed.

It was chaotic at the 5&A Dime office...
Destiny getting her makeup did... Lookin' hot girl!
Thanks for steaming my tank top ladies!
Shout out to Bert aka Profile (Irons)!
The Hellz crew also came down from LA style some of the models.
TAA aka Tall Ass Asians aka TK x Steven loungin' on the rooftop of Stingere.
I just like this picture...
Terry (Bumsville) x Josie x Brittany (Hellz)
You guys ready to get this show started?
Miss Lawn (Hellz) x Dev x Brittany
Awww... I love seeing both Jen (Sé Hotel) & Moe Zarabi (GPPR) out in Downtown.
It was pretty unorganized at Stingere, I didn't even have a microphone to emcee, but luckily I know how to project my voice. "Welcome to the first annual 5&A Dime Fashion Show..."
Check out a few of the looks:

Dev rockin' Hellz!
I didn't even get to stick around for the entire Fashion Show because I had to head over to Thin/Onyx. I heard there was a crazy line outside and mobs of people crowding the entrance.
DJ Myster-E (Crowd Creators) reppin' LA!
Since it was Julz birthday, you know we had to get him FU*KED UP! Mission Accomplished! HAHA
I'll post Jomo's R&R: Rhythm & Recreation at Thin/Onyx blog recap up... Happy birthday Julz!

Also, thanks to 5&A Dime for inviting me to come out to be apart of their fashion show. Make sure you visit www.5andadime.com to check out all their new 5D t-shirts and tank tops, which are prefect for this beautiful SoCal weather!


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