Monday, July 26, 2010

The Hellz Sample Sale is Classified™

[Saturday, July 10th] Mark Marcelo (Victory) and I headed down to the Hellz sample sale at their new office in Downtown LA to meet up with the homie girls. It was madness! Hellz lost their damn mind with 50%-75% off their newest collection. Can't wait for the GPPR collection... ;)
Thanks to Mink (Crooks) x Lisa for waiting for me to have lunch in Little Tokyo.
The Korean Barbarian
Aimee Lucas (Movement Lifestyle) and her friend Alaina from SF take home the award for biggest spenders. They both walked out with a huge garbage sized bag. HAHA! I knew they'd love it!
I had to diversify my blog with a picture of Brittany (Token White Girl)... HAHA! I am gonna get you back for hacking my Twitter! GRRR!!!
After heading out to get Japanese food for lunch in Little Tokyo, I headed back to the crib to meet up with Aimee and Alaina. They were both coming down t0 San Diego with me for Classified™ at Confidential. Road trip!

Once we got into SD, meet up with Christine Gamalinda (PGN) at Confidential with a shot of #morebelve to start the night.
Then it was off to Neighborhood for dinner...
Congrats to my homie girl, Christine for getting into beauty school! Proud!!!
We all went in at Neighborhood:

Jalepeno Mac 'n Cheese
Cajun Rubbed Burger w/ Sweet Potato Fries
Cobb Salad
Best of all: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich with Powdered Sugar, Honey, and Strawberries... OMFG!
Alright lets head back to Confidential to get this party started!!!
The infamous DJ Mark Marcelo aka Mark Marcelo always holds it down at Confidential!
Angela (Hellz) x Julz (Mindz Alike)
The Wildboyz are in the building: Chris x Kimtan aka the Prince of Vietnam
Just because its your birthday doesn't make it alright to start gogo dancing... HAHA! Just kidding! Glad you had the time of your life Jaja! Happy birthday once again!
Everyone knows the sexy VIP hostess at Confidential, Courtney, but did you know she just passed her physical exam to become one of San Diego's Finest aka SDPD. Damn that's sexy! HAHA
Classified™ at Confidential stays crackin'!
April (NYR)
Aww... I miss my old roommate and Bumsville Bitch aka Terry Kang! Shout out Kev Might (Mega Powers) and Fels!!!
Mikey showing us his Motor Boating techniques... HAHA!!!
Another #classified night at Confidential with Aimee x Angela x Christine x Alaina
We ended the night at La Fachada... Al Pastor California Burrito!
FYI: All these photos were taken with my iPhone 4.