Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Makin' It Rain Popcorn!

[Sunday, July 18th] Sunday afternoon I headed back up to LA for Teya's (JD's daughter) 9th birthday party at the park. It was nice to be able to just kick back in the grass and enjoy another beautiful day in Souther California. It was a pleasure to finally meet you Teya! Happy birthday baby girl! :)

Jenny Kita x Jenilee x Matt Walsh x Jane
It was then off to the Parlor in West Hollywood in the 7 Series to meet up with Sarah McCologan before she left back to New York.

The Adventures of Harold and Kumar... We're about to start a new blog! Be on the look out!!!
Isn't it a Sunday? What are we doing with our lives? HAHA
My bad, I got my feet all up on the table. HAHA
Jessica x Jenny Kita x Jenilee x Kristen... Not a bad way to spend your Sunday! ;)
We ended up playing the "Name Game", or as we would like to call it, "Lick It & Stick It". ;)
This is the 2nd time I've played the "Name Game" and its the 2nd time Jenny got Pee Wee Herman. HAHA WTF!?
You can't tell but Jessica's got Johnny Depp. Thanks for being an amazing waitress and playing with us.
What are we doing Neran!? HAHA
Look who finally came through... Miriam & Sarah!
After several rounds of Patron shots, two Pineapple Patrons, and a shot of Jager... I was done! We took the party back to Casa de Neran/Jenilee/Ant where we ended up teaching each other "How to Douggie". HAHA

I gotta say Kristen Brockman is the most ghetto white girl I know... I mean what other white girl do you know that can rap to Bone Thugs n Harmony? Now thats hood! HAHA
After posting up at the crib for a minute, we headed out to the Grove to finally watch Inception. Since we had an hour to kill before our movie started, we decided to loiter around and head to Whisper Lounge for a drink...
I was being my usual happy self, frolicking through the streets, dancing to the music, and throwing popcorn in the air. Harmless right!? SMH Apparently, its not allowed at the Grove... Is this really happening!?
Am I really getting escorted out of the Grove!?
Apparently, the security guards got a call from headquarters saying, "There's a guy throwing popcorn in the air like its snow." So I guess you can say I was littering? C'mon son! REALLY!? SMH!

It was so ridiculous, we couldn't stop laughing. Oh well, luckily there was an 11:50PM showing at the Arclight. Too bad Jenny and I slept through parts of the movie... Anyone wanna watch Inception with me again!?