Friday, July 30, 2010

The Price is Right x Dodger Stadium

[Wednesday, July 21st] Its always been a dream of mine to hear "Anthony Nguyen come on down! You're the next contestant on the Price is Right!" Too bad today wasn't that day! HAHA Anyways, we mobbed 14 people deep to wait all afternoon at CBS Studios in hopes of winning a new car, playing Planco, or just spinnin' the big wheel. I'm still bummed non of us got picked... I could have sworn they loved me during our pre-show interview. :(
This was just half the crew:
"The Price is Wrong, bitch!" - Happy Gilmore
My ni$$a aka Killuh B!
Luckily we had Angry Birds on the iPad to keep us entertained while we waited. I think the workers were lovin' it more than work. HAHA
I had to go with the government name.
There were no camera allowed inside the studio. Although, none of us got picked, it was still a fun experience with fun people. I'm sad I don't have picture with Vanessa Andrada (StudioFX) who organized the whole thing. I'm glad we got to catch up doggie! Love you!!!

I miss Chipotle!
JD, Killuh B, and myself all had to leave quickly because we were headed to the Dodger vs. Giants game here in LA. Its my first Dodger game!

Although I am a SD Padres' fan, since they weren't playing I cheered on the LA Dodgers. Jenilee on the other hand was trippin', trying to bring it back to High School with her old school SF Giants bomber jacket. Get out here with that shit... HAHA!
Thanks to DJ Lady Sha for hookin' it up with the awesome tickets! We didn't make it to the game until the 6th inning but its all good because we headed straight to the bar... 1st rounds on me! ;) HAHA
Check out JD with his #prettyboyswag, chompin' down on some garlic fries and a Dodger dog!
Ellis x JD x Jenilee x TK x Lady Sha x B
Congrats to the LA Dodgers on a Victory (Nightlife)! Too bad the Padres are still in 1st place!!! HAHA
Then it was off to Wildlife at Short Stop to get our freak on to DJ Mark Marcelo & Dr. Partytime!
Another fun Wednesday in the books... Thanks again to Vanessa for the Price is Right, Lady Sha for the Dodger tickets, and the rest of the crew for just being awesome!