Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alfredo's Ultimate House Party Birthday Bash

On Saturday, Sammie (So.Super.Sam) and Ibay (Usual Suspects LA) came down from LA for Alfredo's 21st (+ 10) ultimate house party birthday bash! Alfredo is the original Captain Fun Times so I knew its gonna be fun. There was tons of food (I think I walked straight to the food when I got there, I didn't even say Hi to people b/c I was starving), karaoke, DJs, alcohol, dancers, family and friends.

CLICK HERE to view photos from Alfredo's Birthday.

Everyone was laughing at all these old photos of Fredo. HAHA
Jill x Alfredo x Alfredo's Brother in Law x Harold... Cheers!
Anna Sarao aka The Godmother of Hip Hop x Daryl (Formality)
Oh no, is that Vanessa (UFX) and Shanara (CSSD) on the Magic Mic?
Please stop doggie! HAHA... J/K!
Alfredo is the King of Magic Mic... He doesn't even need to follow along with the words b/c he knows every lyric to ever song... Ever... In life! Seriously!
Theresa x Mike (UFX)
Even Eric Elegado (E Real Estate & Loans, Inc.) was there pulling the signature move on Alfredo! HAHA
The backyard was crackin'!
Red Cups x Grey Goose = Fun Times
Alfredo and his Dad!
Mike x Theresa x Shanara x Vanessa x Charm x Jim x Alfredo
Happy Birthday Alfredo!
HAHA... One of his friends wore the exact same outfit as him... You know Alfredo's really mad... HAHA
Darwin x Alfredo x Lala = UFX Alumni
At 11AM, a few of us decided to drop by U-31 in North Park for the Soulstice 3 event hosted by Mindz Alike and Victory Nightlife. When we got there the place was already at capacity...

Sister x Brother = Cindy x TK
Sammie x Ibay x Citrus x Des x TK
Mahlene x AnneMarie x Monee. Happy Birthday Monee! I've known you since you were like 7 years old... Geez, we're all getting old!
Once again, the place was packed full of fun party people!
Thanks to Michelle and Twee (Cockstar) who came down from LA for the night. I'm glad we were able to meet up and hang out for more than 5 seconds...
Get it Ibay... Check him out as he spits game at Sam.
LA x SD x Washington Apples
Scott (OPP) almost got stabbed with a key trying to look out for Michelle as she ran off to her car. Shit was hilarious... Don't worry Michelle, he's on our side! HAHA
Once again, Verna has no camera awareness... HAHA. Julz x Edric x Gian
We bang in our white tees!
Congrats to Mark Marcelo and Mindz Alike on another successful Soulstice event. Can't wait till the next one... 143!

After U-31, a few of us headed back to Alfredo's house party to do some more eating and partying. Thanks Twee and Michelle for visiting! Come down to SD more often!

UFX OGs: Alfredo x Jimrod x Mike x Vince
It was another fun night in the streets of San Diego. Thank you!
Ibay ended up knocking out in the car... He was drunk and sleepy! HAHA
Slumber Party!!!


Birthday Boy! said...

BEST EVER BUDDY! Can't believe the collage made it on tkofthewildboyz.com... so honored!

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