Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanks Converse!

Jay (5&A Dime) is planning to make a much anticipated return to the DJ scene, but with a new customize fighter helmet with built in headphones (which he's working on). But when the black visor is down, he isn't take any request. HAHA... I want a fight pilot helmet too! Tell me that shit ain't funny...
Anyways, Edgar aka DJ Speshul ED (Mindz Alike) stopped by my house today. He presented me with a box that was left there by FedEX. I knew it was my shoes from Converse Skateboarding... Yippy!
Thanks to Raibyn (Converse) for putting me on the flow list. I love free stuff!
They're both a bit more flashy then my normal black shoes with white soles, but I like them. Plus they're really conformable since they got memory foam foot soles.
Black and Gold Pack!
I'm planning to visit the Converse office soon!