Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Hellz Hath No Fury" starring Alice x Mink

My favorite Swedish x Korean girls aka Alice x Mink star in the new Hellz video short. I remember them both coming over after and telling us how they had to beat each other up and get down in the dirty alleys of DTLA... I'm excited to finally see the video! Get it ladies! HAHA Without further adieu, making their acting debuts, here is "Hellz Hath No Fury":

[Hellz]: I told you there was more! It’s been a few weeks since we launched our Spring collection , “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!”, and I know that you THINK you’ve seen it all with the collection…but boy, were you wrong!

We decided to mix it up and bring you a more 3-D version of the strong and influencing feminine character of the Hellz aesthetic in the video look-book/video short “Hellz Hath No fury”. Although the video is all kinds of entertaining with intense girl fight action, it also features the absolutely adorable and form flattering “Runaways” mesh bust dress, and a few other Hellz Spring favorites. Besides the clothing; Did you notice any familiar faces? She rhymes with “Pink” and has the face of an angel (hahahahhaha, hi Mink!)

“Hellz Hath No Fury” represents Hellz as a dominant individual taking charge, and standing tall in an industry that involves a heavy does of dog-eat-dog mentality and boundless confidence. It’s undeniable that Hellz has evolved it’s design and matured it’s persona, but as always Hellz continues to celebrate the values of strong headed ladies in generation ‘Y’, and cater to the fiercest of them all. Hellz Hath No Fury, follow nobody, and take charge.