Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mink Mondays with Peter Answers

[Monday, April 5th] I don't know about you, but I actually look forward to Monday's because its the only night that I know I won't be eating cereal x Cheez-Its for dinner. Don't get me wrong though, Honey Bunches of Oats x Cheez-Its is the shit! Trust me, it'll change your life! Anyways, we had a few of special guest from SF & NY in town for Mink Mondays. Originally we were suppose to have Talia Sunset come as a guest chef but she got caught up with a video shoot. Luckily Mink is always ready to hope in the kitchen rockin' her heels, which is a requirement, to cook up a fest for all the friends.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Mink Mondays.

We had 1st time Mink Mondayers: Ray (Mighty Healthy) x Rob (Black Scale) x Mega (Black Scale)
On the menu for the night: Kimchi Fried Rice
Prince of India aka Kumar aka Neran Dhas aka My Partner in Crime
Imee (Diamond Supply) x Vincent x Sneaker (their dog)
It was nice to actually get a chance to catch up with these guys outside the usual club atmosphere. Makes sure you check out the Mighty Healthy LA pop-up shop at Hall of Fame on 449 N Fairfax Ave before April 30th.
Pauline x Jacqueline x Taryn
Brought to you by Victory Nightlife! ;)
To the Good Life as always!
Oh shit, Hawaii Mike (LTD Magazine) is finally in the building reppin' NYC!
Have you guys been on Chat Roulette? Its kinda disturbing but we got a few good laughs at all the guys getting excited when they saw Lisa and her @bigotwitteez! ;) HAHA
Now imagine when all these perverted dudes saw Mink x Imee x Pauline x Jacqueline x Taryn on Chat Roulette... Jackpot!!!
After Chat Roulette, Mega hopped on the computer to introduce us to some paranormal site called Peter Answers. Apparently he only answers Mega's questions because he worships the Devil. But basically Mega asked "Peter" a question about the people in the room and "Peter" would answer. Everyone was trippin', the girls had chills, some grown men were almost in tears... It was like a god like spirit was actually in the room with us! It was crazy!
Mega was asking the funniest questions, "Who likes it in the butt?", "Who is the hornyest person here?", etc. All the responses were straight up comedy!
I need to upload the video footage from that night... Anyways, thank you to everyone who came over, especially Mega for providing us with constant entertainment for another fun filled Mink Monday! See you next week!