Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hip-Hop Karaoke's 2 Year Anniversary Recap

[Friday, April 2nd] Congrats to Hip-Hop Karaoke (HHK) on celebrating their 2 Year Anniversary. If you didn't know every 1st Friday of the month we feature Hip-Hop Karaoke downstairs at Onyx for our R&R:Rhythm & Recreation events. You've gotta come to the next one on Friday, May 7th and sign up for yourself. I love seeing people who really get into it and perform for the crowd. Maybe you'll see me up there performing "Rapper's Delight" on the 7th. ;)

CLICK HERE to view my photos from HHK 2 Year.
CLICK HERE to view our photo booth from HHK 2 Year.

Mark Marcelo and I started off our night at Neighborhood to catch up with Ms. Christine Gama. I'm not sure what Mark is saying here but Christine doesn't look pleased... HAHA!
Spicy Cajun Rubbed Burger with Garlic Fries: $10 = BOMB
Victory has our own hot sauce at La Fachada, sushi roll at Seau's, and now you can add our own beer at Neighborhood to that list too! VICTORY!
Time to head over to Thin/Onyx to see my favorite local DJ's: DJ Edroc x DJ Julz
Speaking of DJs, Angeline aka DJ Asthetic has to be one of my favorite female DJs!
Jenn x April x Girard x Gian x Klev
Alison x Christine
Darwin "D" Browne (UFX) put out the word that he'd be performing at HHK's 2 Year Anniversary so you know the rest of the UFX fam had to come out to support... He's a natural performer!

Shout out to Lala x Charm!
Jimrod x Lala x D x Charm x Vanessa x Sean
HHK's host aka Word Bond aka WB!
Time to get this show started!
Hi Klev!
Vietnam is in the building: Sister Bear x Body Guard x TK
Cecile x Elaine x Donette
Some of the Wildboyz x Brothers stopped by that night for a few drinks. I hardly get to see everyone nowadays because everyone's busy workin' on their hustle. So I'm excited every time they come out to visit me while I'm at "work"! HAHA Thanks guys!

Umm... Not sure what's happen with JR in this picture but looks like Cecile is having the time of her life with that bottle of Hennessy Black.
Time of My Life status... HAHA!
We weren't leaving until we all took a shot together... Lets go!
Cheers to Familia!
Wildboyz x Brothers 4 Life!
Kimtan x JR x Doy x Phil x TK x Vince aka VIPER!
Thanks again to Ree and WB for their continuous support with R&R: Rhythm & Recreation. Congrats on the 2 Year Anniversary... Lets keep building!