Monday, April 19, 2010

"I came, I saw, I conquered" - Hova

[Friday, March 26th] The Blueprint 3 tour was in LA at the Staples Center. I woke up that morning thinking, "Why didn't I get tickets for the show?" But I know I could find my way in somehow... I always do! ;) So of course I called my partner in crime and local korean chola, Mink. It seemed like everyone was going to the concert, including all of Hollywood's A-Listers, but no one had any extra tickets.

Mink and I decided to just head over to the Staples Center to see if we could sneak our way in some how. Luckily, she got in touch with %&#$* at Crooks & Castles who was running a copied VIP suite tickets scheme. Always hustlin'! I wasn't sure how it was going it work but we managed to get in through the VIP entrance were all the celebrities were entering. We went from no tickets... to VIP Suites at the Jay-Z Concert! HOVA!
Since we were in LA, I knew there were going to be tons of special appearances, which included Memphis Bleek, Ice Cube, Young Jeezy, and Trey Songz. Even all the celebrities were in the house to see Brooklyn's own. It was definitely the spot to be that night...
Mink, some of the homiegirls, and I ended up in a VIP suite with some Mexican drug lords poppin' bottles of Champagne & Patron. It was pretty crazy, but everyone was having fun livin' "La Vida Loca"!
Anna is a straight...
...GANGSTA! Patron out the bottle? Damn that's sexy! HAHA
Don't get the wrong idea because we were introducing ourselves as Brother & Sister. HAHA
Umm... Someone was faded that night! HAHA
Afterwards it was off to Hyde for the After Party with JL x the Collective ft. the DJ Sean G (Pac Div). It was straight sardine status at Hyde but the music is always good, the ladies always look beautiful, and the energy is always #allthewayturntup!
Alice x Shantel
OMG I haven't see these girls in forever: Sheryl x Karen
Thanks Belvedere for always keeping our tables stocked! ;)
Who wants a drink?
JD (LXD) x Debbie x Jenny Kita
I think I got caught up couch stompin' at Hyde that I didn't take many photos. Good to see everyone! We headed over to Bossa Nova afterward to get our late night dining on. Oh yeah, I ran into Craig Robinson (Hot Tub Time Machine) while we were there too. Funny guy!
Angel Baby of Gwen Stephanie's Harajuku Girls aka Miss Kita
I love pasta at Bossa Nova!
It turned out to be an adventurous and spontaneous night... Just the way I like it! Fun times! HOVA!