Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mink Monday Road Trip to Pho 36

[Monday, April 12th] We all went on a field trip for Mink Mondays to Pho 36 in Korea Town with the Bay Area fam. Bee Nguyen (Belvedere) introduced me to this authentic Vietnamese spot a few months ago and we've made it a regular meeting spot every week. I'm starving...

After a long day of being productive, its great to see everyone get together for some delicious food, catch up on all of our hectic lives, and just enjoy some awesome company.
Pho Tai
This is one overly happy photo of Mr. Ben Wang (722 Figueroa) x Mark Marcelo.
Our Mink Monday weekly host: Mink (head chef) x Taryn x Lisa... I am sure these ladies were excited that they didn't have to cook this week. 143!
Dinner was fantastic! We brought the after party back to our place for some Jamenga (Jameson x Jenga), which is Jenga with a drinking game twist. Trust me its super fun!
Team Loser: Mink x Dominique x Alexander Spit lost Round 1 to...
Team We Are So Awesome We Never Lose At Anything In Life: TK x Mark Marcelo x Neran
Its a deadly combination...
DJ Drewbryd (Dom Kennedy) came through to visit his Bay Area fam and have a few drinks with us too.
Mark Villa aka Chachy
Each Jenga piece had consequences ranging from 3 vs. 3 Flip Cup, Give 3, Thumb Master, Rhyme Game, Rule, and others... We had the funniest Rules like no cussing, no pointing, taking the little man off your cup before each drink, calling Mink "Master", so every time anyone broke the rule they had to drink, but make sure you take off the little man off your cup first. HAHA So random but it was hilarious! Its basically a hybrid of King's Cup and all your favorite college drinking games.
Alexander Spit x Dom reppin' the Bay Area!
I was done after one game... SMH!
Of course Dom x Mink hopped onto the computer to tease a few fellas on Chat Roulette... HAHA!
Happy boy! HAHAHAHA
I think everyone was done after 2 rounds of Jamenga!
Dom was wanted to video chat with everyone on my buddy list...
What's up to my favorite photographer Chaz Cruz!
Time for my nightly Honey Bunches of Oats (without Cheez-Its) break... Who wants some!?
Macy needs to play catch up for coming late! She took 3 shots in a row... GANGSTA!
This photo pretty much sums up the rest of the night...
Thanks to everyone who came out to our first Mink Mondays Field Trip... Where or what should we eat this Monday? GOOD NIGHT!